Do you take pleasure in puzzles, especially if they involve technical intricacies? Do you passionately get “into” things that others don’t seem to appreciate? When you love something (a game, comic book, Star Trek, whatever), do you need to know everything, even the finest details? Have you ever experienced the nirvana that is Comicon? Then, hello, Geek! 

Geeks and Nerds share similar characteristics: both are technically adept, highly intelligent, and a step (or a leap) outside of the mainstream. But Geeks tend to be more social than Nerds and love to congregate and interact with others who share their particular interests. They are creative with vivid imaginations and can be rather fearless in their devotion to an interest. They’ll wear it on a T-shirt, collect it, or dress up like it even if muggles would find it odd. Many Geeks enjoy Cos Play.

Geeks thrive in a job where they can “geek out” on their interests and have a practical reason to deeper into their obscure expertise. This type will gravitate toward jobs that let them indulge in their interests and use their obscure expertise on a particular subject for a more practical purpose. Geeks take their fun seriously, and that’s why they often wind up in professions related to art and entertainment. They populate writer’s rooms and animation studios. They know graphic design. They dominate the web. 

Geek Superpowers

  • Exuding mad-enthusiasm for a particular interest or lifestyle
  • Collecting gadgets, gizmos and niche toys    
  • Coding, finding hacks and tweaks
  • Quoting Geek-culture media word for word
  • Noticing microscopic details

A Happy Geek
Geeks feel most alive while sharing, discussing, debating, and playing in the world of their interests. This could happen on a couch while playing video games or at a restaurant with friends, or at Geek convention. The location isn’t nearly as important as the quality of the sharing.

Famous Geeks
Is Gwen Stefani a Geek? Julia Roberts? Jim Carrey? They say so, but perhaps more famous people claim to be Geeks than may actually be Geeks…this would be an awesome topic of Geek discussion. Most Geeks would confirm, however, these famous Geeks: Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, Violet Blue, Will Wheaton, Dr. Kiki Sanford

Geek Entourage
Geeks get along with a variety of types and are especially compatible with the Techie, Genius, Inventor, Tree-hugger, Hippie, Vegan, Entertainer, Musician, Artist, Rock Star, Hipster and Trendsetter.

Geek in Love
Geeks can be impressively romantic when they apply their creativity and thought to relationships. They love with intensity. But they are not about to give up their interests in order to have a “mature” relationship. So ideally they will fall for someone who can appreciate that there is something fundamentally fascinating and important about the things that Geeks love and just accept their obsessions (even if they don’t personally “get it.”)

Geeks are typically more open-minded in their choice of a partner than are Nerds, who prefer to date people who share their high IQ points.

Geek Challenge
Geeks sometimes judge people as shallow or dumb just because they don’t the Geek’s enthusiasm for a subject. Everyone has different talents. Geeks need to know that when they use a lot of jargon or talk about obscure things, people may not be able to keep up, but that doesn’t make those people stupid. A tendency toward arrogance must be fought off because arrogance prevents learning, growth, and friendship.

How to Play It
If you or someone you know is a Geek, you were born at the right time because this is the Golden Era of Geekdom. Geeks are the exalted ones and there is an ever-broadening feast of Geek culture for them to feed on. Try to be nice to other types of people too. Use your Geek powers for good. Make the world better and easier for Geeks and non-Geeks alike.

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