Do you sometimes feel challenged by the physical world that other people move so effortlessly through? Ever walk into a closed sliding glass door? Do regular cups seem like dribble cups in your hands? Or maybe you just make it seem that way for comic effect. Is slapstick humor kind of your thing? Then maybe you’re a Goof.

 Things like chairs and escalators serve a practical function for other people that the Goof just can’t manage in the same way. He’s always tripping. She’s always knocking things over. It can be quite amusing to anyone watching. The Goof bumbles through the regular scenery turning it into comic opportunity, either unintentionally, or quite consciously and masterfully, all in the name of getting a laugh.   

The Goof is a gas. A silly flippet. A complete weirdo who makes everyone erupt into uncontrollable giggles. But are they laughing at him or with her? Whatever the answer, the Goof will still savor the laughter because he or she is used to sacrificing ego and dignity for attention. Sometimes it feels like an equitable transaction (ego is overrated and is sacrificed by only the strong), and other times a costly transaction (there are times when one’s pride is all). 

Goof Superpowers

  • Using keen comic instinct 
  • Tripping up or falling down on cue 
  • Making simple acts like eating, drinking and walking seem complicated
  • Recovering quickly
  • Breaking up monotony or diffusing tension or with humor

A Happy Goof
A happy Goof makes people laugh and lighten up. The Goof knows that life can be painful and people are vulnerable, so why put on airs that create distance between people? It feels better just to admit our human foibles (or embody them, as the case may be) and remind everyone that we are, after all, only human. 

Famous Goofs
Inspector Clouseau, Stan Laurel, Charlie Chaplin, Mr. Bean, Fletch, most leading ladies of romantic comedies (in the cute scene when her clutziness winds her up face to face with the leading man)   

Goof Entourage
Goofs love to make anyone laugh and are especially loveable to others in the Creative and Performer families, like the Entertainer, Musician, Actor, and Artist. King Hes, Queen Bees, Class Leaders, Geeks, Nerds, Intellectuals, Athletes, Free Spirits, and Indies enjoy the Goof.  

Goof in Love
Anyone who takes himself or herself very seriously and is overly concerned about what other people think should not be too closely connected with the Goof or that person is bound to be embarrassed by the Goof’s antics. To one with a big heart and a carefree spirit, the Goof can be the perfect partner, making life a non-stop sitcom.

Goof Challenge
The Goof is like a stand-up comedian, constantly up against the sensibilities of others. Internally answering questions like: What is funny? How far can I push the humor? Is this appropriate?  Have I crossed the line? The Goof makes a game out of finding out what it takes to make people laugh.

How to Play It
There are times that messing around Goof-style will cause problems. There are situations where it pays to be serious and build trust with people. Job interviews, the witness stand, the airport security line: try to act “normal” in these situations or you go from being the Goof to the Fool (or maybe the incarcerated!).

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