Naïve much? Are you super-sweet and fresh on the scene? Is your mind the purest place on earth? When you gaze into people’s eyes and blink, do they seem to melt a bit, arms and heart outstretched? If you could fit the dirty words you know on a postage stamp, then, hello, Innocent! 

Simply put, Innocents don’t do wrong because it doesn’t occur to them.

Like Angels, their intentions are wholesome, but unlike Angels, who likely have seen the evils of the world and choose good, Innocents are truly ignorant of the darker side of life. It’s likely they have led a charmed existence, protected from the underbelly of society and the shadows of human nature. The Innocents are blithe spirits.

Innocent Superpowers

  • Do right without hesitation
  • Don’t know any better. Or any worse
  • Ignorant of worldly desires
  • Guilt-free existence
  • Wholesome radiance

A Happy Innocent
Candy figures into the picture, and maybe a ferris wheel. The Innocent is all about the sugar of life, literally and metaphorically. All that is beautiful and sparkling makes the Innocent smile and be gay. (And to the Innocent, “gay” only and ever has meant “very happy.”) The blissful Innocent is in a perpetual state of childhood, circa five-years-old, when hormones have not yet begun to wreak havoc.

Famous Innocents
Sandra Dee of Grease, Forest Gump, Kenneth of 30 Rock, Shirley Temple, Little Orphan Annie, Liesl Von Trapp

Innocent Entourage
The Innocent is extremely vulnerable. Innocents absolutely need the Bodyguard, Angel, and Overachiever. Anyone who can protect and relate to the Innocent will be a welcome friend.

Innocent in Love
Those who want to do what’s good and right love the Innocent as a role model. They cherish the Innocent for all this type represents and hope to live in a way that reflects the ideals of the Innocent. That said, there is also an irresistible quality in the Innocent that pulls the polar opposite into play. Shadow types are compelled to corrupt this type. The Innocent has trouble reading the intentions of others and often can’t tell the difference between a good person and bad person.

Innocent Challenge
Deep in the human consciousness there is a belief that someone blameless can be sacrificed, baptized, or otherwise traded to absolve the guilt of sinners or appease the gods. This theme shows up in many religious traditions including the sacrificial lamb offered up to Yahweh, the virgins dropped into volcanoes by their tribal members and the self sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. The leap from Innocent to Victim or Martyr isn’t so wide.

The Innocent who wants to avoid being taken advantage of or used as a sacrifice must become wise to the way the world works, but once the veil is lifted, the Innocent is no longer innocent.

How to Play It
Believe the best in people. Cleave to the goodness of life. Stay sweet for as long as you can. But when danger is near, you have to evolve to other states of consciousness to survive. Choose a teacher and a protector. Don’t be afraid to grow wise. If you don’t, you’ll become foolish, or worse, victimized.

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