Do you think in depth? Abstractly? Philosophically? Does your “life of the mind” rival your life of the life? Do you love to discus topics, get into the finer points and hash out all related ideas while you’re at it? And how do you feel about reading?  Which is better: a good book or a mediocre date? If you chose the book, hello, Intellectual! 

An Intellectual is someone who thinks deep, broad, microscopic and huge. An intellectual can move his or her mind like a high powered camera with multiple lenses mounted on a swiveling tripod to explore, capture and play back a particular version of the world. Intellectuals see links and connections that others might miss. They pull the ideas together that don’t so obviously fit. They argue. They read, they write, they learn more and more and more. Intellectuals wear glasses sometimes. And, usually, smarty pants.

What’s the value of a thought? Intellectuals often get paid to think, and know things, and tell the rest of the people what they mean. Their professional scope ranges from the arts, sciences, humanities and beyond. But whether or not intellectuals have an intellectual job, they take their responsibility seriously — the are the consciousness of society who delve into the substance of ideas and draw conclusions of significance.

Intellectual Superpowers

  • Cultivating more brain than brawn
  • Being curious
  • Erudition  
  • Feeding an insatiable hunger for knowledge
  • Exhibiting versatility of thought processes

A Happy Intellectual
Being among a group of peers with similar IQs points is a big plus for Intellectuals who, like athletes, have a competitive drive. A worthy opponent is motivation to think to new heights. Discussion is a training ground. Debate is a game. Think tanks are Olympic champion events.

Famous Intellectuals
Plato, Immanuel Kant, William Shakespeare, the Founding Fathers, Salman Rushdie, Noam Chomsky, John Stewart, Malcom Gladwell, Roald Dahl’s Matilda 

Intellectual Entourage
With a diverse social group, the Intellectual becomes ever-sharper. Fortuitous  bonds are formed within the Creative and Visionary family, especially with the: Inventor, Dreamer, Musician and Artist. Rebels, Nerds and Geeks can be among the Intellectual’s best friends.

Intellectual in Love
Love with an Intellectual can be rewarding indeed even for a non-Intellectual partner. Because Intellectuals bring greater mental energy to so many aspects of life they make daily living easier and more interesting than it would be without their presence.

Intellectuals can turn something as simple as breakfast into a journey of thought. An Intellectual might regard breakfast from a perspective historical, calorical or metaphorical. The insights that follow could be a source of entertainment and bonding to the receptive love. Of course, a non-receptive person might find the discussion irritating, and think privately: Just eat it already.

Intellectual Challenge
Because Intellectuals try to learn and analyze every aspect of a problem, decision-making can be tough. The pressure to be correct feels greater to this type than it does to others; they think that since they’re smart, they should also be right. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Knowing more can sometimes lead a person away from their intuitive and common sense. Over-complicating things increases the likelihood of error.

How to Play It
If you’re an Intellectual, enjoy the company of other thinkers. If no such person is around, find sanctuary in the communion of books. The library is your heaven. Share your thoughts with others. Use your mental powers to bring meaning to the human experience.

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