Under the radar? Do you meet the same people over and over who don’t remember meeting you the first time? Do you seem to go unnoticed no matter what you do? Do you feel like it’s totally fine if people don’t respond to you? Are you unsung? Then hello Invisible. 

Some consider it a kind of super power — to go where you want to go without being detected. Unfortunately, those who have this power seldom use it to adventure or help themselves or others. Instead it winds up being a kind of default mode with no benefits. The Invisibles simply drift along without the burden or benefit of detection.

If you want to be Invisible, here’s how: Blend. Wear personality camouflage. Go right down the middle with every choice. Say what people say, wear what people wear, do what people do. Have no opinion or stick with the popular one, offer nothing new. Make few movements and only small ones. Keep to yourself, but do it in a crowd.

Invisible Superpowers

  • Subtle to the extreme
  • Making no impression
  • Producing nothing outstanding
  • Doing nothing wrong
  • Doing nothing right 

A Happy Invisible
It’s not that the Invisible is exactly happy, but there is a certain comfort level in going unseen. People who show up strong are always making mistakes, whereas the Invisible risks nothing (and gains nothing.)

Famous Invisibles
The Invisible Man, Harry Potter (in the cloak left to him by his father), Amos Hart of the musical Chicago, “Anonymous,” the writer of many a book, story and quote

Invisible Entourage
The Invisible is best in a crowd of a variety of types, but will absolutely vanish in the presence of strongly attention-seeking types like the Artist, Athlete, Cheerleader. and Class Leader.

Invisible in Love
If you’re Invisible, love is difficult, if not impossible to attract potential partners. The exception is the kind of partner who needs all the attention all of the time and uses you as a kind of personal assistant/slave. The attention hog will make sure you can continue on in your invisible way with even greater ease, as all eyes will be on the attention hog at all times.

Invisible Challenge
There are times when being Invisible has it’s definite advantages. Invisibles have been known to gain free admission into crowded places, for instance. They also get to see a part of people’s personalities they seldom show each other because people let down their guard, assuming they are alone and forgetting all about the Invisible’s presence.

These advantages come with one big draw back: missing out on life. The very essence of life is that it’s a risky proposition. If you’re not being seen, it usually means that you’re not taking risks. If you’re not taking risks, you’re not really living.

How to Play It
Assuming that you don’t want to come to the end of your life only to realize that you never really lived it, the only right thing for an Invisible to do is to stop being Invisible and start making some independent choices. What do you want? What do you like and what are you like? Who are you? Trial and error is the way to become visible once more. You will make mistakes, and some of them will be painful – that’s good. It’s how you know you’re emotionally invested in the game of life.

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