Do you make decisions based on your personal preferences instead of what would be good or fair for all? Do you ignore facts if they are inconvenient to you? Do you think you’re right, your methods are superior and your religion makes you better than the others on the planet? Do you like to put people down because it makes you feel powerful, like a god? Hello, Judger! 

History is littered with the wrongs of the Judgers. This type has sent Innocents to burn as witches and condemned wrongfully accused men to rot in prison. Their evil logic was behind the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. Their twisted sense of reason may take many forms, but it all boils down to the same dynamic: You are wrong because we don’t like you, and that gives us the right to get rid of you.

Judgers don’t have to be in court to have their hands on the proverbial gavel. They can be Mean Girls at school, deacons of the church or monsters of the PTA. They sit on the board of country clubs and corporations. They run websites, edit magazines, and populate news programs and talk shows.

Judger Superpowers

  • Condemning others to fulfill personal motives
  • Playing god
  • Snickering behind people’s backs
  • Being the self-proclaimed purveyors of ethics and taste
  • Criticizing, trolling, and hating

A Happy Judger
A Judger takes not-so secret glee in rallying a mob of believers. The torch bearing townsfolk who chase down Frankenstein or the Hunchback of Notre Dame are the result of a successful, albeit fictional Judger. A real-life example can be found in the mob of Civil Rights era racists who protested in front of schools to stop African-American students from entering. Judgers live for the day when their hate catches on en masse. 

Famous Judgers
John Hathorne was a famous judge of the Salem witch trials who sent many to their death. Hathorne’s grandson, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, added a “w” to his surname to distance himself from his grandfather’s legacy. Hawthorne wrote the quintessential American novel on the subject of judgment, The Scarlett Letter.

Judger Entourage
Judgers are excellent friends with the Gossip. They are instrumental in the work of the Destroyer and Devil. Judgers are threatened by the Mystic, Free Spirit,  Rebel, Rock Star, Indie, Goth, Gangsta, and Trendsetter.

Judger in Love
Judgers are notoriously hard to love or be loved by. Their requirements are so many and their mercy so slight that being in a relationship with a Judger is a little like slavery: few freedoms and a lot of work.

Judger Challenge
The old saying about pointing a finger rings true. When you point at someone else there are three fingers pointing right back at you. Usually the problems Judgers see in others are present in some form inside themselves. The hardest thing for Judgers to do is turn their critical eyes into their own issues, of which they have many.

How to Play It
If you know a Judger, don’t share too much information with this person. Don’t talk of intimate things, show the Judger your work, or ask for advice. Keep things on a need-to-know basis. Smile, be cheerful, and talk about the weather. Step away at the first possible moment.

If you are a Judger, know that your judgment is usually a symptom of self-rejection. What is it about yourself that you can’t stand? Work on correcting that and keep your mind out of other people’s business.

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