Do you feel most at peace with the world when you’re singing or playing an instrument? Do you keep a running list of songs and artists you love? Do you remember when and where you were the exact moment you heard your favorite artist for the first time? Do you think it’s fun to experiment with sound? If so, you very well may be a Musician.

Musicians are dialed into the music landscape. Some are aware of the latest bands, others prefer older acts. Some go for the obscure gems, others want to hear what’s popular now, or better what’s on the cutting edge. One thing they all have in common though is an intense craving to play music. It’s where they find their happy, their sad, and their everything in between.

Introverted Musicians will perform behind closed doors. Extroverted Musicians will get the crowd dancing, clapping along, crying, and swaying with their phones in the air. And though these may be signs that people are moved by the music, make no mistake: Even the extroverted Musician is not really in it for the crowd response. Musicians can play music for themselves, one person or one million people and it’s still the joy of tone, harmony, rhythm, and mastery that is the most satisfying aspect of being a Musician. It’s all about the music.

Musician Superpowers

  • Expert at non-verbal communication
  • Excellent auditory skills and can be good listeners
  • Have a natural sense of rhythm and tone
  • Dynamic in their joyful noisemaking
  • Patient; will figure things out and practice for hours on end

A Happy Musician
The Musician will not be happy unless he or she has the time and freedom to play. Like all the types in the Creative Family, the Musician is happiest while shredding the guitar, banging away on the piano, singing for all to hear, or knocking around on the Musician’s instrument of choice. Playing with other Musicians with similarly matched talents is the Musician’s idea of heaven on earth. Many musicians are loyal to their bands and their relationships with bandmates sometimes span through a lifetime of work, outlasting other relationships including marriages and passing through many life stages.

Famous Musicians
Pavarotti, Mozart, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Sarah Vaughan, Allen Toussaint, John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Etta James, Chet Atkins, Yo Yo Ma, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Robert Johnson, Bill Monroe, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Carol Kaye, Chick Corea, Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, David Guetta, Jackie Evancho

Musician Entourage
Everyone who loves music loves the musician, including the Prince, Princess, Mystic, Explorer, Bodyguard, Dancer, Rock Star, Artist, Geek, Nerd, Inventor, Activist, Angel, Lover, Flirt and more.

Musician in Love
Music is a demanding mistress, or master, as the case may be. Since musicians tend to put music before their relationships they do best with similarly driven individuals who will also put their work before the relationship and not feel left out and ignored when the musician is spending most of his or her free time practicing, gigging or tending to the business of being a Musician.

Musicians will often find themselves in relationships with fans of their work who dote on them and elevate them on a pedestal, making them feel they are more special than most people because of their talent. This usually works wonderfully for a time but has the potential to backfire when the fan or partner realizes how delusional he or she has been about the musician lifestyle. It’s not all glitz and glamour and lovely sounds. In fact, it’s often noisy and lonely waiting around for the Musician to finish tending to his or her number one love: music.

Musician Challenge
Balancing their music with the other things that make life great: family, relationships, domestic harmony, physical activity, and so on can be challenging for Musicians who often derive such complete satisfaction from music that they neglect to spend time cultivating a well-rounded lifestyle. As with most artistic pursuits it can also be rather tricky finding a niche within music that makes money or finding work that allows them plenty of time to play music on the side.

How to Play It
The essence of music is joy. People depend on songs to help them through sad times, celebrate good times, provide the soundtrack of their days, commemorate the major events of their lives, put them in a mood for work, exercise, love, and so on. Some have even credited music with saving their lives. In honoring his or her gifts, the Musician contributes meaning, emotion, motivation, mood and pure joy to the world. If you’re a Musican, the best way to play it is just to play it! 

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