Do you do as you feel? Are you divinely guided? Are you living an intuitive lifestyle, responding to the higher calling of the moment? Can you separate from your ego and self to rise above the business of this earthly plane and see things from a vantage of complete objectivity? When you express yourself, does it seem to resonate with others in some mysterious way? Then, hello, Mystic! 

The Mystic is unified with a deity, at one with the universe and absorbed in celestial energy. In other words, the Mystic is seriously “vibey.” But what makes the Mystic so remarkable is that this is a person who can also relate to others and is very much a part of the same world as his or her people. You might think of the Mystic as a hybrid being who bridges the gap between worlds, dimensions, generations, cultures, and/or planes of existence.

Mystics know things beyond ordinary understanding. They are expert communicators, though they don’t always have a lot to say – they may even have a rather cryptic style of communicating – but what they do say hits home and moves people. Mystics might be singers, songwriters, novelists, filmmakers, artists, business gurus, inventors, or innovators. Whatever their main talent, they have other talents and qualities that are hard to describe because they are not apparent to the senses or obvious to the intellect.

The Mystic radiates a certain contagious feeling and it draws disciples into the Mystic’s orbit. Some will spend a lifetime following the Mystic.

Mystic Superpowers

  • Cosmic explorer
  • Lives in an intuitive state of mind
  • Speaks poetically
  • Attracts fans and followers whether or not he or she wants or tries to
  • Possesses unearthly wisdom

A Happy Mystic
Mystics mostly reside beyond the experience of happy or unhappy, which is so often tied to the needs and wishes of the ego. For the Mystic, life is not a personal quest, rather it’s an expression of divine inspiration. Removed from the ordinary pressures of desire, they ride the creative spirit and become one with it.

Famous Mystics
Rumi, Saint Teresa of Avila, Madame Blavatsky, Carl Gustav Jung, Dr. Peebles, Carlos Castaneda, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, Jerry Garcia, William S. Boroughs, Rob Brezsny

Mystic Entourage
You can’t get lonely when you’re at one with all of life, and that’s one reason that Mystics don’t mind if they are alone or with thousands of people. Mystics also don’t fit nicely into the definitions of conventional relationships. They may form deep friendships, but they won’t have the same rules as would be normally expected by society. Mystics appreciate all Archetypes. They have special relationships with Angels, Believers, and Artists.

Mystic in Love
Like the Free Spirit, Mystics have an open-minded and very much in-the-moment approach to love. They don’t have the same need for romantic games and conventions other people do, and they’re filled with a quality of love that is compassionate and spiritual. They are so fulfilled by their Spiritual connection that sometimes earthly pairings seem unnecessary to them.

Some Mystics, however, become corrupt. They abuse their special charisma by having as many partners as they want and there are usually plenty of takers. 

Mystic Challenge
The Mystic’s biggest challenge is not accidentally floating off the earth, as their ties to this world are tenuous at best. Unlike other people, Mystics aren’t afraid of death. They will serve the best and highest purpose on earth, but not get overly attached to any one incarnation of existence, or non-existence, for that matter.

How to Play It
If you know a Mystic, soak up the wisdom. Appreciate, wonder, enjoy, and expand.

Do not give Mystics too much of your money. If they ask for it, they are not who you think they are. Unfortunately, the world is littered with false Mystics acting a part for personal gain. Desire enlightenment, but don’t take your wallet out for it; it can’t be bought with money.

If you are a Mystic, you don’t need anyone to tell you how to play it. You wrote the playbook.

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