Do you care deeply for others and find yourself service oriented, determined to make others happy? Are you an excellent listener, very good at reading people and find that your friends and family tend to rely on you for much more than just advice? Well, then you can call yourself a Nurturer!

Every one of us needs to be taken care of at some point in our lives, by parents, friends, or family. The laws of nurturing cross all species and hundreds of years of history and culture—in order to reach our full potential as human beings, we need to understand how important it is to nurture—and the nurturer can’t help but fill that vital role.

Nurturers are Caregivers with an even more hardworking, detail oriented, hands-on streak. Where Caregivers exude joy, love, and tenderness, the Nurturer wants to get to the bottom of whatever might be ailing his or her friend, family member, or enemy—and will go to great lengths to right the wrongs.

Nurturer Superpowers

  • Good organizational skills
  • Respectful and responsible
  • Practical, with a knack for being able to take care of day to day needs with ease
  • Never fails on fulfilling a duty or obligation
  • Always looks for the best in people

A Happy Nurturer
The Nurturer is happiest when working on a ‘project.’ They’ll seek out a friend in need, someone who might not even be aware they need the help, and are happiest when they are in the moment, taking action to better the lives of others—whether its helping a senior citizen cross the street, or organize an overbooked friend’s hectic schedule.

Famous Nurturers
Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Angelina Jolie, Maria Shriver, Steve Slater, Rosalynn Carter, Julia Child, Shirley Temple, Mr. Rogers, Levar Burton, Anne Sullivan

Nurturer Entourage
The Nurturer needs others to help, but also is used to rallying people together to take on bigger causes. For this he or she will often be seen working with Angels and Activists, as well as other members of the Caregiver family.

Nurturer in Love
The Nurturer is someone who might be seen as the ‘passive’ character in a relationship, but is actually the one who is really holding everything together. They often find themselves attracted to ‘fixer-uppers’ or very busy Creative or Royal types, whose personalities and lives may be so big they don’t have time to sweat the small stuff.

Nurturers are often the bedrock of any given relationship, providing stability, harmony, and cooperation in any partnership—generally prioritizing their romantic partners high up on the list. Any archetype will be lucky to find themselves paired with someone who has the qualities of a Nurturer—they will find themselves taken care of from heart to soul, and met with a seemingly unlimited amount of loyalty.

Nurturer Challenge
Some extreme Nurturers can go too far in taking care of the needs of others, and ignoring their own—and sometimes the tendency to leave their feelings unexpressed for long periods of time can lead to pent up frustration. And Nurturers, like many in the Caregiver family, are vulnerable to being caught by emotional Vampires who make it difficult to leave unhealthy relationships, and even harder time moving on afterwards.

How to Play It
Nurturers need to remember that the best starting ground to tending the needs of others is to tend to their own first. Make sure your schedule is organized, and that you have made the right time for your own work, studies, relaxation, fun and priorities—and then think about how to include those in need—its easy to help when you find those who will help each other!

Surround yourself with others who have their own ways of organizing, and might not need help in every aspect of their lives, take a step back and realize that sometimes people might have their own ways of solving their problems and moving forward, and make sure that your help is wanted as well as needed.

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