Does it have to be “just so” or it’s not good enough? Will you knock yourself out to get it “just so,” and knock everyone else out too, if that’s what it takes? Can you rant like you’re insane when things don’t meet your specifications? Tell the truth: Are people who can’t seem to do anything right (a.k.a. those idiots) the bane of your existence?

Perfectionists believe in results above all else. If the effort is back-breaking or spirit-crushing or if people and feelings are hurt along the way, so what? Getting it perfect is the most important aspect of any endeavor.

Perfectionists usually take on ambitious goals so their perfectionism is all the more impressive as it towers over the accomplishments of mere mortals. Perfectionists are admired if not worshiped by the outside world, whereas their nearest and dearest consider them real pieces of work. They wear everyone out with their slave-driving ways and high-maintenance requests.

Perfectionist Superpowers

  • Providing tangible proof of superiority
  • Seeing the details inside the details inside the details
  • Setting new standards in unreasonable requests
  • Intimidating through accomplishment
  • Pushing themselves and everyone around them to exhaustion

A Happy Perfectionist
The glorious moment when the art is unveiled, the cake is presented, or the curtain opens on a spectacular show to a jaw-dropping response is Perfectionist heaven. The amazement and applause that follow are what the Perfectionist lives for. Whatever form the Perfectionist works in, an astounded audience is validation for the enormous energy expenditures invested.

Famous Perfectionists
Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay, Martha Stewart, Serena Williams, James Cameron, Barbara Streisand

Perfectionist Entourage
Perfectionists need many types of people to help carry out their grand plans, including the Geek, Nerd, Intellectual, Athlete, Artist, Class Leader, Angel, Codependent, Advocate and more.

Perfectionist in Love
The Perfectionist is best matched with someone whose identity is somewhat malleable, as the Perfectionist loves to make a partner over. The Perfectionist, being gifted with superior taste, assumes that anyone would be grateful for the kind of help the Perfectionist can provide which will range from fashion advice to personality transformation and beyond. The Perfectionist cannot last with a person who won’t take his or her suggestions to heart.

How to Play It
If you know a Perfectionist, there’s a balance to be struck between admiration and avoidance. The health of this relationship depends on the personal boundaries you establish and enforce.

If you are a Perfectionist, you may see this tendency in yourself as both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand perfectionism motivates you to remarkable heights of accomplishment. On the other hand, you may sense that people around you tire of your high energy and endless requirements. The question is: If you have to exhaust and alienate people to achieve it, is the end result really worth it? 

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