Do you have a relationship with a world that others cannot see? Do you experience time differently from the way others seem to? What about people? Do you know things about them without having a clue as to why or how you would know them? Then, hello, Psychic. 

Imagine a cloud of angels, ancestors, souls and unexplainable energy sources from beyond. Psychics are connected to that cloud with familial bonds. Some psychics describe these bonds as actual cords and feel tethered to the other world in a constant flow of communication. They have one foot in this world, one foot in the next. 

What a handy thing to have a Psychic in your life. And shouldn’t life go perfectly smoothly with someone to tell you what’s going to happen and how it’s going to turn out? But unfortunately, the Psychic talent doesn’t always fit so neatly into the constructs of soul mate selection and lottery tickets. Psychic visions can be cryptic and filled with more poetic imagery than details, much to the dismay of scientists and skeptics everywhere.

Psychic Superpowers

  • Regularly dips into the collective unconscious
  • Reads vibes, auras, and signs
  • Predicts the future
  • Highly sensitive and intuitive
  • A conduit to the spirit world

A Happy Psychic
The Psychic lives to hear the words, “You’re right!” This type loves when intuition lands meaningfully, usefully, and correctly. This is proof that the Psychic’s intuitive “hits” are not so crazy as some might think. A good Psychic is at heart a giver and healer and is ecstatic when people are helped by the message the Psychic brings.

Famous Psychics
The Oracle of Delphi, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Carolyn Myss, James van Praagh, John Edwards, Sylvia Browne

Psychic Entourage
The Psychic is a conduit of spiritual information for anyone who will listen. This type often feels more connected to the spirit world than the earthly plane and is so busy looking up that his or her social life is one of attraction. The Psychic is often the pursued, not the pursuer.

Psychic in Love
Love with a Psychic is a soul connection and has a “destiny” feeling to it.  Because this Psychic is can reach people on so many different levels their love can be healing. Psychics can also be a handful (as in, too much weirdness) because their reality is at times difficult for “muggles” to relate to.

Psychic Challenge
It isn’t very often that healthy, happy, joyful people decide they need help from a Psychic. Usually there is a problem to solve, and quite often it is an emotionally loaded problem of such magnitude that conventional solutions simply wouldn’t cut it. The Psychic’s challenges is to balance all of this negative energy of fear, loss, and doubt with enough personal positivity to keep from being dragged down by the constant barrage of need.

How to Play It
If you are Psychic or feel there is this gift inside you waiting to unfold, it is essential that you have layers of protection to keep you from being too bogged down by the troubles of the world, many of which you can do absolutely nothing about.

Use your powers to lighten people’s thought processes. Help them heal by sharing peaceful truths. Do not create a relationship where you know everything and they know nothing. Bring people to their own intuition instead of creating a reliance or addiction to yours.

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