Are you a girl who likes to dress, hang, work, and play like a boy? Do you prefer sports to tea parties, cars to shopping, tools to handbags? Do you ever wonder why high heels were ever even invented? Then, hello, Tomboy!

The Tomboy is gender defiant. She rejects feminine frills, behaviors, and accoutrements, preferring the games, activities, and clothing styles that are traditionally the domain of boys. She’s into sports, video games, and testosterone-driven movies. She wears jeans and kicks. She doesn’t fuss with her hair.

The Tomboy isn’t easily offended. She can hang tough with dudes and feel pretty comfortable. She’s not afraid to get dirty; she does what’s comfortable instead of what’s expected; she’s physically engaged, confident, and powerful. Guys respect her. Some of them even fear her. She’s a contender. 

Tomboy Superpowers

  • Strong and independent
  • Practical, capable and effective
  • Athletic; an asset to the team
  • Brave; won’t freak over spiders and snakes
  • Gives the boys a run for their money 

A Happy Tomboy
One way to make a Tomboy happy is to invite her to a baby shower, high tea or engagement party and make sure she knows all that will be expected of her. Mention the dress code, gift registry and note the silly games and other fancy details associated with the event. Keep babbling on about it until she gets that panicked look in her eye; it won’t take long. Then tell her you’re just kidding, you made the whole thing up and invite her bowling instead.       

Famous Tomboys
Atlanta the Greek Huntress, Joan of Arc, Mulan, Annie Oakley, Scout Finch of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Ellen Degeneres

Tomboy Entourage
Tomboys form advantageous relationships with Athletes, Explorers, Activists, Rebels, and Rock Stars.  

Tomboy in Love
Tomboy-ism doesn’t necessarily indicate sexual orientation. Some Tomboys are gay, but just because someone is a Tomboy doesn’t automatically mean that they prefer girls as romantic partners. Straight Tomboys may find it advantageous to relate to men who are in touch with their feminine side who might not mind handling some of the responsibilities that might normally fall to the woman in a relationship.

Tomboy Challenge
Inevitably there are times when it’s appropriate to embrace the more traditional associations of femininity. The Tomboy is challenged not to find the softer side of silly or frivolous. Feminine allure has its own kind of power, not to be discounted. The Tomboy who keeps an open mind might find she can have the best of both worlds.  

How to Play It
If you’re a Tomboy, know that how you are is perfect. Do it your way. Do you.  

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