Are you enthralled by nature? Do you feel most at peace in places where the electric hubbub of city life is far, far away? Do you believe that when you appreciate a tree, that you absorb a bit of its life energy? Tell the truth: Have you ever actually hugged a tree? If you answered yes, of course, you are a Tree Hugger! 

Tree Huggers are more than nature enthusiasts. Their love for nature verges on romantic. They are moved by its perfection, fascinated by its intrinsic logic, and wholly committed to its preservation. Advocates and activist of environmental causes beyond trees, Tree Huggers are brave guardians of nature who will go out of their way to save the planet.

Tree Huggers plant on Arbor Day, bike to work, eat organic, and are vigilant recyclers.  On a constant quest to reduce their carbon footprint, Tree Huggers seek alternative power sources and would be ecstatic if the world were solely powered by wind and rain. Tree huggers hate waste, are skeptical of chemicals, and consider oil to be a great evil of the modern world.

Tree Hugger Superpowers 

  • Communicating with other species 
  • Interpreting nature’s patterns
  • Being sensitive to and heroically protective of the planet
  • Hearing music in the wind and rain
  • Being proactive and quite literally a natural leader

A Happy Tree Hugger
To the Tree Hugger, bliss equals hands in the dirt and bare feet in the grass, watching clouds float by or feeling the kiss of raindrops. It goes without saying that trees are involved in the scene, along with flowers, birds, bugs, and animals. Gardening, hiking camping, and the like get the Tree Hugger’s endorphins pumping.

Famous Tree Huggers
Walt Whitman, Daryl Hannah, Julia “Butterfly” Hill, John Muir, Al Gore

Tree Hugger Entourage
Tree Huggers need other Advocates and Creatives to get their message out and often find they work well with the Activist, Hippie, Artist, Actor, Vegan, Musician, Dreamer, Explorer, Mystic, Free Spirit, Intellectual, and more. 

Tree Hugger in Love
The Tree Hugger is intensely hurt by behavior that harms the planet and cannot bear to be with people who are apathetic about the environment. The Tree Hugger needs to be involved with those who share a kinship for Mother Earth and have similar views about how to care for her; otherwise, life is a constant fight and guilt trip for the Tree Hugger’s partner.

Tree Hugger Challenge
The Tree Hugger must be careful not to be so in love with nature that he or she fails to see its vicious side. For instance, a certain number of bears are allowed to be hunted each year. The Tree Hugger may consider it cruel and inhumane and may be upset that the bear population is diminished in this way. The hunter might argue that hunting the larger male bears actually increases the bear population, since these bears are known to eat the young. Speaking of bears, more than a few Tree Huggers have made the mistake of assuming bears were friends, while the bears assumed the Tree Huggers were lunch.

How to Play It
As you instruct and help others be mindful of the environment, don’t waste too much time in judging, condemning, or preaching to them. Be the change. Living your ideals cuts out the need to preach and persuade. People will follow the example you set because it’s the right thing to do. With you showing the way, maybe it can be that easy being “green” after all.

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