Are you so in-the-moment that you’re actually in the future? Do you feel all tingly and electric when you see the next cool thing? Do you have to be the first to have it? Are people constantly asking you what to buy, do, eat, wear, and listen to? Then, hello, Trendsetter! 

From fashion to gadgetry, social networking to lifestyle, Trendsetters know what people are going to like tomorrow even before most people know what they like right now. That’s because Trendsetters don’t only understand appetites, they create them.

People envy what Trendsetters wear, do, and know. Trendsetters go beyond making it look cool and easy. They make it look essential. Trendsetters make it seem like if you’re not wearing, doing, or knowing it, you’re behind the times, slow, and therefore out.

Trendsetter Superpowers

  • Fashion-forward instincts
  • Having the courage to be first
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse
  • Risking failure and foolishness
  • Making accurate predictions and projections

A Happy Trendsetter
The Trendsetter is gleeful as the first person in school to wear the unknown brand of shoes that just hit the market. An overjoyed Trendsetter is wearing Google Glass. Fielding the intrigue, attention, and questions that follow is heaven on earth for the Trendsetter.

Famous Trendsetters
Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis, Ashton Kutcher, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Michelle Obama, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake

Trendsetter Entourage
Trendsetters hope to influence all types and gather inspiration from the Genius, Artist, Nerd, Geek, Intellectual, Musician, Techie, Activist, Free Spirit, Athlete, Tomboy, Mystic, Rockstar, Rebel, and others in the Tastemaker family.

Trendsetter in Love
Trendsetters are extremely active, and they do best with partners who can keep up with them. Bonus points to the partners who provide some entertainment, challenge, and creativity along the way. One thing that a Trendsetter cannot handle in a partner is status quo. What is perfectly acceptable to the Trendsetter one day might be unbearable the next. A partner who is willing to change with the changing times has the best shot at a long relationship with the Trendsetter.

Trendsetter Challenge
The Trendsetter’s greatest challenge is also the gift that makes this type so effective. It can be summed up in one word: boredom. It is precisely because Trendsetters lose interest in things so quickly that they are constantly seeking the next cool thing. If they didn’t get bored so easily, they wouldn’t be driven toward the early discovery of tomorrow.

How to Play It
If you know a Trendsetter, enjoy the fact that this person is willing to go first, be the guinea pig, and take risks so that you don’t have to. Also know that if you ever fall behind the times and out-of-style you’re just asking for the Trendsetter’s judgment if not ridicule. This type will definitely keep you current.

If you are the Trendsetter, your quest for the next big thing is a gift to the world and you keep things interesting for all around you. However, the things that matter most in life are usually deeper than the superficial concerns of gadgetry, fashion, and lifestyle. So keep a sense of humor about yourself. Stay grounded and regularly tap into a global, human and spiritual perspective, so as not to let superficial matters rob you of deeper substance.

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