Starting February 7, the fashion world descended upon New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. These days, thanks to the internet, fashionistas everywhere can sit in the front row—from the comfort of their own homes. But even from the couch, not every show is worth attending. Here, we trim the fat and tell you which shows to zero in on.

Designs by Michael Kors are the evergreen pieces, so classic and perfectly designed that they remain in rotation throughout the years. Everyone at a Kors show knows exactly what they’re getting, but they crave it anyway: simple, elegant designs cut from the most luxurious fabrics—as well as the best flats of the week. That’s Kors: classic trendsetter. He once said, “There is no detail, including a button, that doesn’t have a reason for being there”—which gives Fashionistas every reason to be there.
Michael Kors, Wednesday, February 13, 10 a.m., the Theatre, Lincoln Center

What woman has not looked at a Ralph Lauren ad and imagined herself a heroine living a romantic life of extravagance and privilege? Lauren’s shows are the labs where specific components of future ad campaigns are developed. At the last collection, the models marched out in matador suits, ruffles, and lots of flat-top hats to a flamenco track. The audience was transported. Suddenly it was 1952 and they were all Ava Gardner—right after she left Sinatra and fled to Spain for a brief but torrid affair with the world’s greatest bullfighter.
Ralph Lauren, Thursday, February 14, 10 a.m., St. John’s Center Studios, 570 Washington St.

Calvin Klein creative director Francisco Costa has remained faithful to the label’s “Calvin clean” aesthetic while adding his own personality to the designs, including a strong architectural influence. (Some of his previous pieces were so structurally complex they required eight separate fittings.) His mantra—“spare and sexy”—will continue to be heard this week, and when Costa takes his bows, there will be much applause. Some of it will be because this is the final show of the season—but only some.
Calvin Klein, Thursday, February 14, 2 p.m., 205 W. 39 St.