From a dire reprimand of U.S. income inequality to a fantastical collection of short stories, scripts and more from a nerd hero, there’s something for everyone in bookstores this February.

Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances by Neil Gaiman

This collection from acclaimed author and comic geek hero du jour Neil Gaiman (Sandman) includes previously published short fiction and poetry, the author’s much-loved script for an episode of “Doctor Who,” and a new short story set in the world of his Hugo Award-winning American Gods. While Trigger Warning will appeal most strongly to Gaiman’s loyal fanboys – many of the stories collected here connect thematically to his previous works – anyone looking to escape the mid-winter deep freeze by diving head first into high-minded, dark, escapist fiction would be well-served by the author’s particular mix of literary pedigree and fantastical storytelling.

(Available Feb. 3. Order now: $21)

Next Man Up!: Ohio State’s Unbelievable 2014 Championship Season by Columbus Dispatch

Athlete’s looking to add to their sports memorabilia collections would be smart to invest in Next Man Up, a commemorative collection of stories from the Columbus Dispatch newspaper about Ohio State University’s road to winning the first-ever College Football Playoff Championship against Oregon. In addition to news stories detailing the thrilling season that led to the big game, including Ohio State’s Sugar Bowl victory over Alabama, its wins against Big Ten rivals Michigan State and Michigan, and its shutout of Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship, Next Man Up includes feature stories on head coach Urban Meyer, as well as several of the team’s star players.

(Available Feb. 1. Order now: $13)

Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar by Shawn Michaels, with David Thomas

Like many Athletes before him, WWE superstar Shawn Michaels learned, through the ups and downs of his professional wrestling career, that there was far more to life than the piledrivers, takedowns, clotheslines and the sundry other wrestling maneuvers that drove arenas full of fans into a frenzy during his 1990s and early 2000s heyday. Michaels is a born again Christian, and beyond his wrestling career and life as an avid outdoorsman, Wrestling for Life details his work with various Christian churches, charities and organizations.

(Available Feb. 10. Order now: $17)

Models of Influence: 50 Women Who Reset the Course of Fashion by Nigel Barker

Few people are likely more qualified to wax nostalgically on the 50 most influential models of all time than famed fashion photographer and television personality Nigel Barker. After all, Barker spent nine years trying to find “America’s Next Top Model” and currently hosts “The Face,” Oxygen’s model competition series, with world famous supermodel Naomi Campbell. Accompanying Barker’s profiles are more than one hundred full-color and black-and-white photographs from some of the most influential photographers of all time, from Richard Avedon and Irving Penn to Herb Ritts and Mario Testino. Each chapter of the book focuses on a unique period in fashion history, from the 1940s to the present, and makes a case for each profiled model’s impact on not only the runway but also the real world streets of their particular time. Models of Influence pulls double duty as an excellent coffee table fashion book with some very real brains behind its fawning profiles and pretty pictures.

(Available Feb. 10. Order now: $29)

Where Chefs Eat: A Guide to Chefs’ Favorite Restaurants by Joe Warwick

Food tourism has become an industry unto itself. Consider the singular success of chef-turned-writer/journalist Anthony Bourdain, who on his former Travel Channel show “No Reservations” and current, acclaimed CNN program “Parts Unknown” travels the world to find out (in part) what a nation’s food reveals about its culture. Explorers with a taste for the finer things will find a lot to love in Where Chef’s Eat, which points intrepid foodies in the direction of more than 3,000 of the world’s best and most interesting restaurants in 70-plus countries. Featuring recommendations from more than 600 of the world’s best chefs, as well as detailed city maps and reservation policies, this revised edition of the bestselling guide may be well on its way to securing a place in the gastronome canon.

(Available Feb. 7. Order now: $18)

Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are by Danny Gregory

There are not enough hours in the day, which can be frustrating for the Creatives out there who for whatever reason do not make a living out of their art and simply can’t find the time to sit down and, well, create. That’s where popular Everyday Matters blogger Danny Gregory and Art Before Breakfast come in. Gregory’s guide offers creative and motivational 5-to-10 minute artistic exercises for every skill level that are designed to fit any schedule, as well as practical instructions on techniques and materials. His quest is to inspire overworked Creatives to think outside the box, realize they don’t need a proper studio, and use those rare free moments that crop up, be it on a public transit commute or at the kitchen table after a meal, to create great art.

(Available Feb. 17. Order now: $14)

Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy by Donald Miller

When you start to think about what it takes to be a true Advocate – a person who presses hard on behalf of others for a worthy cause – you arrive back at an important conclusion: before you can truly champion someone else’s cause, you have to be pretty comfortable, pretty real, with yourself. And that’s the entire point of Scary Close, the latest from popular memoirist Donald Miller. The book is an homage to the importance of getting real. Learning to drop the act and be yourself is a pretty serious task, but it’s a necessary one when it comes to finding the real and lasting love you deserve – or discovering the source of your motivation to speak out for others.

(Available Feb. 3. Order now: $15)

Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’s quirky mix of vintage photography and fantastical prose proved an unexpected best seller in 2011, and Hollow City picks up where the first novel left off. The series’ ambitious mix of art and fiction certainly was intriguing enough to catch the eye of one of cinema’s most famous Visionaries – Tim Burton. The blockbuster film director of “Batman,” “Beetlejuice” and “Alice in Wonderland” is set to adapt Miss Peregrine’s into a big budget 2016 feature film starring Eva Green (“Penny Dreadful,” “Casino Royale”).

 (Available in paperback Feb. 24. Order now: $10)

The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica N. Turner

When you are busy, and often very happy, taking care of others, too often something important can get lost in mix. In The Fringe Hours, Jessica Turner, founder of the popular lifestyle blog The Mom Creative, teaches Caregivers how to care for themselves and overcome the guilt that sometimes accompanies allowing your focus to turn inward. Turner offers practical advice on how to balance multiple responsibilities with the sort of self-care that actually results in making a person a better, happier and more fully realized partner, parent and friend.

(Available in paperback Feb. 17. Order now: $9)

The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power by Steve Fraser

Income inequality, the endlessly discussed 1 percent versus 99 percent wealth disparity that many feel is among our nation’s greatest economic threats but which has been enshrined through the policies of federal and state legislators, gets set ablaze in the latest from Steve Fraser, author of Every Man a Speculator and Labor Will Rule, whose work has also appeared in the New York Times, The Nation, and the London Review of Books. In The Age of Acquiescence, Fraser contrasts the reactionary post-Gilded Age pro-laborer policies that brought about prosperity for the American middle class with the current lack of similar post-Great Recession legislation to wax harshly on the reasons there have not been more protests against the ever-growing wealth gap between the richest Americans and, well, everyone else. This especially timely read may give new (and hopefully longer-lasting) life to the outrage that set off the well-intentioned-but-short-lived and ill-organized Occupy movement.

(Available Feb. 17. Order now: $21)

Believer: My Forty Years in Politics by David Axelrod

How to wield power productively and responsibly is at the heart of the value system of every leader, so a look into the mindset of one of the most influential men in recent politics is sure to intrigue even the most conservative Royal. We mention conservative Royals here because the man in question this month is David Axelrod, former political advisor to President Bill Clinton and a chief campaign advisor to President Barack Obama during his historic and revolutionary 2008 campaign for the presidency. Whether or not you are an Obama supporter, there’s no denying that Axelrod’s strategy for Obama fundamentally changed how political campaigns operate. In Believer, Axelrod details how he got there, from his work as a journalist in Chicago in the 1970s to his unorthodox approach to political campaign strategy for the likes of Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel and Obama, which redefined the very nature of how modern political campaigns are run.

(Available Feb. 10. Order now: $25)

The Tutor: A Novel by Andrea Chapin

Many Performers consider being cast in a theatrical production of one of William Shakespeare’s classic plays to be a professional pinnacle. After all, what actress doesn’t want to boast about playing Lady Macbeth; what actor isn’t falling all over himself to portray Hamlet? So, Performers should find a lot to love in Andrea Chapin’s debut novel, The Tutor, a colorful bit of historical fiction that imagines the Bard as a brash cad who finds himself involved in the intrigues of a lonesome young woman when he is brought to the country estate where she is, to some extent, hiding out to tutor her young nephews. Le scandale!

(Available Feb. 5. Order now: $21)