Top five favorite ways to find creative inspiration that isn’t just a Google search away.

Take a walk outside/change up your normal route

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need in order for a new idea to pop into your head. Also, if you have a normal route that you take to work or school or wherever it is you might go, try switching it up a bit. Tweaking your normal routines just a little can help to make you look at things in a new way; hopefully inspiring some much needed inspiration as well.

Go to the museum/find a muse

Nothing can really top learning from the greats. Whether it’s music, art, food or whatever your medium is; try taking a tour of your nearest museum. You never know who or what you’ll discover.

Spend a day with a friend

If you’re stuck on a project or maybe you’re just in a creative slump, taking a night/day off to hang out with a friend can really help to release that block. Try and focus your attention on something completely different, so then you can have a fresh mind to tackle those creative solutions.

Read a book

Reading a book forces you to see something with the perception of the author. Breaking your attention from your own personal creativity, to someone else’s. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective to help spark your creative energy.

Listen to music

Turn on your music and get lost in the tunes, maybe even try something that is outside of your norm. Music is actually very beneficial to your brain and can help in many areas. In order to boost creativity, opt for more of an ambient noise type of sound.