Who You Are

Resourceful, impulsive, open-minded and able to change course on a dime, whether in travel or thought, you are full of curiosity and restlessness.

Your Family

The Explorer family includes an enthusiastic, brave bunch – the Adventurer, the Traveler, the Seeker, the Individualist; the shadows are the Escapist and the Novelty-Seeker.

Your Struggle

The Explorers’ lust for change may lead you to feeling unfulfilled or trapped. You find commitment difficult, and as a wanderer, may find it hard to have a proverbial “home.” To conquer this mindset, you need to remind yourself to be grateful for every encounter, every relationship, and your own expanded consciousness. Cultivate a sense of being at one with the world and at home anywhere. 

Perseverance and Perspective

You are grateful, charming and able to adjust to most situations. Explorers are up for anything, handle change with aplomb and can cope with the loneliness of the road. Unlike so many others, your life has been enriched by your varied experiences. You are comfortable with diversity and a true citizen of the world.

Your Defining Grace & Gift

Your travels are not about the destination, but rather, about the journey. You want to expand your horizons and find greater meaning in your life. You make friends with strangers quickly and understand whom to trust (and who might be hiding ulterior motives). An Explorer’s gift is rugged individuality and adventurousness; these traits are the key to your treasure.