Exudes Life

The Performer radiates charm, humor and wit, and enjoys life to the fullest and wants to share that joy with others. They are exuberant and dramatic – if you know and love the thrill of getting a laugh or holding the attention of others, whether on a stage or at a dinner party, you are a Performer.

Multiple Personalities

The Performer can be an entertainer such as a pop singer or an actor – but everyday performers exist all around us. Everything from a comedian to keynote speaker can be a Performer – and even on a smaller scale, the local gossip, that kid that tells tall tales at the slumber party, the practical joker, the class clown – all Performers. Most importantly, the Performer is likely to be and believe they are every archetype because they can easily channel any archetype.

The Show Must Go On

Have you ever heard of the sad clown? No matter what, the Performer thrives on humor and positive energy. In a world where anxiety and shallowness often reign, the Performer can shares stories that lift people up and also connect them with deep human truths. Whether you are entertaining in a living room, in a theater, or at the water cooler, you create bonds that turn your audience into a community, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Let Me Entertain You

Performers find the treasure – and feel great satisfaction – when they educate, entertain, or create an enjoyable experience for others, winning both applause and appreciation. The Performer genuinely will go to great lengths to seek approval and your applause.

Center Stage

Performers don’t get dressed; they get in costume. They love costume changes and props such as hats, umbrellas, large bags, glasses, gloves, you name it.  A Performer by their very nature is attention seeking, so whether it is a loud color, loud voice, or living out loud, life is a stage and the Performer is the star.