Excellent leaders

The Royal is business and skill savvy and takes charge. They achieve the highest results they can, using their fullest potential. They embody strength and power – these are the dealmakers, rainmakers, king and queen makers.

A Need for Luxury, Formality and Title 

By living a life that commands attention, the Royal is predisposed to always looking their best. They have the corner office, the front row seat, the best table in the restaurant. They invented first class, Emily Post, tuxedos and ball gowns. Address them as Mr., Mrs., Miss or Ms., but never, ever “Hey YOU!”

A Need for Total Control, Power and Money

The Royal is large and in charge, and they are into money. They get it, make it use, need it, love it. They get the bigger paycheck and pay off. They are employers or high paid employees; they control a staff – from a small household to large corporate – and they are the “superior” in the corporate heirarchy.

Defining Grace: Generosity

Many of our greatest philanthropists have been those with the greatest power, influence and bank accounts. Giving is the defining grace of the Royal archetype. They have the capacity to be a change agent in someone else’s life, to open doors for people and make things happen. When used for the greatest good, it is a spiritual power. They can empower others to realize their potential.

Royal Courts

The Royal holds courts and within those courts there are queens and kings of mean, then there are those who are benevolent queens and kings of hearts. There are those who entertain us with uncanny charisma, and those who rule with an iron fist. There is incredible opportunity to do good with all this power and influence, and a King or Queen is only as good as their subjects.