A Wise Dreamer

The Spiritual relies on their dreams, their intuition, their faith, and even messages from angels, spirits and higher powers that lead life’s journey. You are divinely guided; an intuitive person who separates the ego and self.  With an aura of mystery, forgiveness and understanding, your very presence is calming, uplifting, healing and wise.  

One Big Happy Family

You can be devout, sometimes faithful, or simply connected to a higher power – whatever that power may be. The Spiritual family of archetypes includes the Healer, Therapist, Yogi, Mystic, Saint, Religious Servant, Guru, Angel, and also the shadows the Martyr, the Demigogue and the Devil.

Simple Pleasures

The Spiritual can be a non-conformist, one with a unique vision of the world. He or she tends to believe in the improbable and pursue the impossible, stopping and smelling each rose along the way.  

Friendly Reminder of the Big Picture

As a Spiritual you remind those around you of the bigger picture and their higher purpose. People can sometimes challenge it, but you are steadfast and strong in your beliefs.  You can sometimes act as a mental refuge as well, reminding your friends, family, even acquaintances of the big picture.

Watch Out

You tend to look for the good in everyone and everything — which is a wonderful trait – but sometimes you don’t see the downright bad or criminal. You can easily be taken advantage of, as you lean a bit naïve and innocent, and underestimate others’ motives.