The Influencer

You are aspirational. For that reason alone, people may refer to you as a “model” even if you do not professionally model. You are far ahead of every curve when it comes to what is in and what is out.

The Beauty of You

Great taste and aesthetics cannot be aquired. You’re born with it; you either have it or you don’t. Your archetype owns aesthetics when it comes to beauty, style and home decor.

Defining Grace: Exuberance

You are like an electrical charge to any setting. You create excitement and attention wherever you go. 

It’s Not Just Fashion

The Tastemaker uses fashion to develop authentic self-esteem. Your main objective is to explore your individuality, and fashion is your ultimate resource on the journey to self-empowerment. Your calling card is being impeccably attired, but you win ’em over with your ability to truly own the confidence you wear without being arrogant or elite.

The Big Lesson

The great lesson of the Tastemaker is to witness and learn from how painful it is to be judged for your appearance rather than for the quality of your character. While you appreciate beauty in every thing, you run the risk of dismissing or being cruel to those that do not fit into your rigid guidelines.