Visionaries are a unique breed – forward-thinkers who are seemingly clairvoyant, loaded with ideas and ready to change the world. They have the gift of sensing what we need before we know it. Here are our five favorite aspects of the Visionary:

Agents of Change

By following their intuition, Visionaries don’t just come up with new ideas and stuff to buy. They come up with new rules that change the way the world thinks and acts. They imagine solutions and possibilities that are beyond the scope of just individuals, and instead benefit the whole of society.

We Are Family, I Got All My Visionaries With Me

The family of Visionaries includes the Designer, the Futurist, the Entrepreneur, the Detective and the Director. Basically, a powerhouse group that provides much of our entertainment and innovation in society today.

Patterns, patterns, patterns

One of the fascinating quirks about Visionaries – their clothes. The Visionary loves a pattern or formula when dressing. Whether it’s a polka dot, a stripe, or even the little black dress, their clothing becomes their uniform and they are routinely attracted to repetition. It’s actually rather a refreshing trait amongst a sea of chameleons.

Puttin’ the “Vision” in Visionary

If curiosity killed the cat, obviously the cat was a Visionary, because these guys are super curious and willing to risk a lot to bring their ideas to light. They’re brave and a bit all-in-their-head, but ultimately, they bring into view what could be if certain choices are made, or what is inevitable given choices that have already been made.

Charismatic, committed. 

An almost obsessive dedication drives the Visionary. They have long-term passion, they see beyond the obvious, they look closer and deeper. Even the Visionary Shadow is a mysterious, magnetic beast.

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