Inspired by each Archetype, our fragrances will take you on a journey of self-expression. Each one was created to evoke creativity, spirituality, vision or beauty. Layer them, try different Archetypes or give the gift of scent this holiday season.

Creative: Artist

This bright, effervescent fragrance brings out the imaginative, beauty-seeking Creative in you. Embrace the unexpected with bursts of citrus and spicy ginger. Light, fun and unique.

Notes: Sugared Mandarin + Pink Freesia + Modern Musk + Crystallized Ginger
Life Journey: Explore the depths of your imagination.
Universal Lesson: Develop artistic gifts rather than ignore them.
Defining Light: Creativity

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Athlete: Competitor

This light scent is very pure, clean and high energy – perfect for the kinetic and magnetic personality of the Athlete. The unisex fragrance is confident and fresh. Spritz generously after you hit the showers.

Notes: Citrus Blossom, Moss + Modern Wood
Life Journey: Discover a sense of personal power through your body.
Universal Lesson: Confront your physical vulnerability.
Defining Light: Endurance

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Rebel: Rule Breaker

This sexy and fun fragrance sparkles and invigorates your spirit with excitement and provocation. Douse yourself with feelings of freedom, attraction and lust for life. Paint the town Rebel.

Notes: Mandarin Blossom + Blond Wood
Life Journey: Break barriers that restrict the human spirit.
Universal Lesson: Differentiate between rebellious reaction and rebellious decision.
Defining Light: Justice.

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Caregiver: Nurturer

Beautiful and feminine, the Caregiver perfume is a myriad of white florals with a soft sandalwood base, a gorgeously chic yet comforting fragrance. A dash of Pink Pepper and you’ll fall head over heels for this warm scent.

Notes: Rare Florals + Pink Pepper
Life Journey: Care for others in ways they can’t care for themselves.
Universal Lesson: Learn to help when it’s really needed.
Defining Light: Compassion

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Visionary: Dreamer

Visionaries can be all or nothing when it comes to fragrance. With this one, you’ll find flexible strength, a dreamy concoction that is both crisp and soft at the same time, as essential as your uniform.

Notes: Floral, Rose Absolute + Crisp Green
Life Journey: Bring the future into the present.
Universal Lesson: Believe in your vision.
Defining Light: Courage.

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Royal: Empowered

Sophisticated and bursting with fresh cut florals, the Royal fragrance is an ode to the never-understated Queen. Luxurious, elegant and very clean, you will be reminded of strolling through palatial gardens, the scent of roses, tulips and fresh greenery light on the twilight air.

Notes: Royal Garden + Classic Green
Life Journey: Learn to take responsibilities for the well-being of others.
Universal Lesson: Differentiate between authentic power and illusory power.
Defining Light: Generosity

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Performer: Entertainer

How does one bottle such dramatic energy, a burst of joy and passion? Uncork the champagne with a pop!, add pure white iris for refinement, and finish with the fleeting, youthful pink nectarine flower. The Performer’s fragrance is the instant jubilant star of the bunch.

Notes: Champagne, Pink Nectarine + White Iris
Life Journey: To emote energy, inspiration and joy into the world.
Universal Lesson: Self-esteem and acceptance come from within, not applause.
Defining Light: Electricity

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Spiritual: Seeker

Light, airy, ephemeral. The Spiritual fragrance is quite simply a stunning, soulful scent that would inspire a deep breath, solace, and tranquility for any Archetype. Iris and sheer jasmine add a powdery intensity while water lily is a subtle, gentle floral to calm and sweeten.

Notes: Water Lily, Iris + Sheer Jasmine
Life Journey: Discover the meaning and purpose of life.
Universal Lesson: Be truthful with yourself and your beliefs.
Defining Light: Humility

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Tastemaker: Influencer

The Tastemaker’s fragrance exudes confidence with a chic slant for the au courant. Defying gender roles, the deep note of Black Lavender enchants and intoxicates while Neroli entices with a razor-sharp cosmopolitan feel. Sleek and cultivated, this fragrance is for the coolest of the cool.

Notes: Neroli Petal + Black Lavender
Life Journey: Being an early adopter of fashion and trends.
Universal Lesson: Learning to live beyond superficiality and beauty.
Defining Light: Exuberance.

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Explorer: Adventurer

This sweet, peppery scent is as cheerful and layered as the adventuresome Explorer. A sheer exotic, the radiant fragrance is optimistic and bold. Compliment your outgoing and fiercely independent personality with the unique floral green notes and the resolute warmth of woods.

Notes: Fresh Floral Greens + Sheer Woods
Life Journey: Discovering new places and things.
Universal Lesson: Leave no stone unturned.
Defining Light: Curiosity

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Advocate: Activist

This completely all-natural botanical blend is in line with your ethics, Advocate. The fresh, sunny fragrance combines citrusy bergamot with an air of orange blossom for an earthy, herbal floral that has much energy as you do.

Notes: Natural Bergamot + Orange Blossom
Life Journey: Act as a positive change agent.
Universal Lesson: Do what you can, even if it doesn’t feel like enough.
Defining Light: Hope

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Intellectual: Scholar

The Intellectual’s fragrance is clear, brilliant and expressive. Coupling sweetness with tart, the scent marries sparkling blood orange with the more grounded geranium; if “eureka!” was bottled, this is what it would smell like – smart, engaging and exhilarant.

Notes: Blood Orange + Fresh Geranium
Life Journey: Discover truth in all its expressions.
Universal Lesson: Learn to listen to your intuition.
Defining Light: Wisdom

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