A shadow archetype of the Performer, the Gossip is associated with rumor spreading and backstabbing as a social power move. At the core, the Gossip has an issue with trust and is a sort of sellout in order to gain favor with others.

Know a Gossip?

Sure you do. We all do! Everyone from a nosy neighbor to those jerks who leaked the celeb nude photos – the Gossip exists everywhere, and is particularly damaging in our status-obsessed culture. It’s enough to make you want to scream, “Mind your own business!”

Is the Gossip bad news?

The Gossip’s driving force is that moment of power, popularity or adoration when they lean over and start talkin’ trash. While you’re taught “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me,” the reality is, words do hurt. Reputations can be ruined. And with the internet, secrets, pictures and your private life can go viral in an instant. While at a base level, the Gossip wants only to gain “friends” or maybe just a small amount of power, their words and secret-spreading are extremely hurtful and can damage entire lives.

The Archetype’s Lighter Side

The Gossip Archetype can awaken feelings of consideration and teach us about truth, integrity and honoring trust. In a professional arena, journalists and reporters have a touch of the Gossip, as it is their duty to deliver business, political, social, and entertainment news in a positive way.

The Archetype’s Darker Side

The shadow attributes are a little direr – by thriving on the power of passing on private info, the Gossip perpetuates a cycle of divulging secrets in order to keep that high of popularity going. They betray confidences. They spread stories that are intended to hurt or humiliate. On a professional level, the shadow Gossip can be seen in the paparazzi, the “rag” papers and celeb-worshipping sites.

Feeling Guilty?

Take a minute to think over why or how you talk about people. Have you had any life lessons that have emerged from participating in harmful gossip? How did you cope with the consequences? Do you find that you only connect with certain people if you share secrets about others? Where does this impulse come from? Be honest with yourself and maybe challenge yourself to go 30 days without a drop of gossip. You will feel lighter, mentally healthier, and your conscience will be clean.

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