October, you most likely know, is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Month. While the stats for breast cancer in 2014 continue to be staggering, there are research initiatives that are working hard and definitely can use a few extra dollars. Below, we’ve culled some of the best ways for your archetype to help out breast cancer charities – for example, your flights, your passion for creativity, your lipstick obsession – all can be channeled in the right direction. Do good, be well. 

Not just for Wednesdays anymore – in all of October, we wear pink, especially on our lips and nails. This breast cancer awareness clutch includes two rosy nail polish shades and a hot pink lipstick, but the real benefit comes in donation – with every purchase of the Evelyn Lauder and Elizabeth Hurley Dream Pink Collection, Estée Lauder will donate 20% of the suggested retail price to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation for almost a year – from August 2014 through June 2015.

Delta served up some good PR this month with their Breast Cancer One survivor flight and has rolled out an awareness campaign for the month of October – employees wear pink uniforms and sell pink lemonade and pink headsets (proceeds from the pink products benefit BCRF – so far the airline has contributed more than $7.9 million to the fund). Another airline dedicated to the cause – American Airlines’ Be Pink program also sells pink goods for a donation, and a $25 donation to American’s Miles for the Cure program will earn AAdvantage members 20 bonus miles for each dollar contributed, instead of 10. So while you’re flying the friendly skies, Explorer, think pink.

The Susan G. Komen Advocacy Alliance is perfect for you, Advocate. You wanna get involved? This is your destination. With a grassroots network of more than 300,000 advocates, KAA is a voice for more than 2.6 million survivors in the US, getting right out in front of policymakers and lobbyists to help ensure access to mammograms, breast screening and cancer treatment, as well as making breast cancer research a national priority and supporting new discoveries. The network is strong and effective (they have preserved over $300 million in state and federal funding for breast cancer screening programs around the country last year alone, among other amazing things), and you can do some good in your community by joining forces.

The Intellectual is proactive in that, here is a problem and how can you help solve it? With the National Mammography Program by the NBCF, you can donate directly to provide mammograms for women in need. The foundation’s mission is to partner with medical facilities nationwide to provide free mammograms and services to women who need it most. You can also volunteer your social media time in order to help out – put that Twitter to good use – or physically sign up to help out the NBCF.

Follow in the footsteps of Red Bank, NJ and literally paint your town pink in order to raise awareness for mammography. As a Creative, your visual nature plus advocacy could change the landscape of your city for just a week or so – pink storefronts, pink stripes down the streets, local teams get pinked, bows and ribbons swirl from lampposts and signs. It’s started to spread to Connecticut, perhaps you can start one in your neck of the woods?

For the Athlete who wants to give back – there is always room in Race for the Cure, a charity that runs (get it?) on pledges and donations. It’s usually a 5K, however locations nationwide may have different registration and requirements. And for the armchair Athlete, see if your favorite team is joining the Games for the Cure initiative, like the Washington Redskins recently did, or load up on BCA gear for on and off the field. 

Fueling your no-regrets lifestyle, now you can drink some wine and feel even better about yourself. ONEHOPE Wine donates half of the profits from every bottle to The Gateway for Cancer Research, an organization committed to funding innovative cancer research studies that can help today’s cancer patients feel better, live longer or be cured. PLUS, you can buy in bulk and increase that karma threefold!

Put your cupcakes where your mouth is, Caregiver, and host a bake sale that benefits breast cancer! This ingenious idea raises some cash for a good cause and also has options to donate or participate virtually, if you’re strapped for time. Backed by Boston Bakes, the funds raised go directly to Dana-Farber, an institute which seeks to personalize treatment based on a patient’s needs and genetic makeup of her particular cancer. If you want to keep it local, find your nearest breast cancer charity and start a bake sale yourself! 

This watch ($40, Nordstrom) was created by 1:Face, a company dedicated to changing the world one person at a time (and one watch at a time). With the breast cancer model, your purchase helps provide a mammogram to a woman in need. The design is slim, slick and perfect for the minimalist Visionary, plus your dollars go to a good company and a great cause. 

Royal, dust off your tails, because you’re headed to the best black tie galas benefitting breast cancer! The National Breast Cancer Coalition throws an annual New York Gala to not only benefit research but also to passionately pursue their deadline of ending breast cancer by January 1, 2020. If you can’t make the Manhattan one, find a gala in your neighborhood and work your regal presence for good.

The Performer loves to throw a party – and this time, you will be doing BCA and research a favor with one of your world-famous knockout fiestas. Plan for 2015 and sign up with KitchenAid’s Cook for the Cure or, if you want to do something now, start a fundraising event of your own (you’ve got Katy Perry on speed dial, right?). Your socializing can be put to good use, plus if you’re willing, you could probably sing or do a scene at the event too!

Not only are there events and donation programs set up at yoga studios nationwide, Spirituals can manage their own struggle with the disease through the healing and transformative effects of the practice. Head to breastcanceryoga.com for a plethora of resources to help and research yoga and breast cancer. If you or someone you love needs additional support, try the Susan G. Komen site for local groups, message boards, and tons of educational materials.