No one can tell this Rebel how to be happy! Screw the rules that apply to everyone else—you wouldn’t follow them anyway. Instead, use these ideas to find our own path to bliss, wherever it leads you, rogue pilot.

Turn It Up to 11
Music makes people happy, but not all songs are equally uplifting. In research from the University of Missouri, when people listened to upbeat tunes and made an effort to find joy in them—they did. If Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” is on your playlist, great. If not, blast your favorite anthem—Metallica or Mozart—whatever rings your bell.

Get Sweaty
Endorphins are like happy pills, but no preachy programs are going to get this maverick moving. Instead, find your inner motivation: Maybe you need big guns to use the equipment that home-brews your beer, so suddenly lifting weights has a higher purpose. Maybe treadmill time is your only chance to read the juicy tabloids. The subtle mindset shift really works. What payoff can you get behind? 

Break Up with Facebook
Though it may seem fun to catch up with old pals online, a University of Michigan study says Facebook friendships are not the real deal—that the more time you spend in the virtual world, the worse you feel and the less satisfied you are with your life. Don’t rush to delete your account, but picking up the phone or actually meeting in person are more likely to jack up your joy.

Go with Libido
Sex on the brain? Roll with it. University of Melbourne psychologists say lust makes us laser-focused on the present—and all the thrilling sensations and emotions happening right in that moment. When your attention is squarely on the here and now, you’re less likely to get bogged down cursing the past or fretting about the future. So hook up and get happy.