You’re already tuned into your spirituality, that inner belief system that gives your life meaning and value, strength and comfort. Giving it a bigger role in your daily existence will help you find your bliss. Namaste! 

Listen to Your Gut
Intuition is a wise sage. In one study, Ikea shoppers who spent less time making choices ended up more satisfied with their purchase. In another study, partners who showed hints of doubt about their marriage before tying the knot were more likely to split up. When making a decision, ask yourself: How do I feel about this? If you get sweaty palms, a twinge in your stomach or a just a hunch that something is off, heed the warning. If you feel comfort and eagerness, go for it!

Find Your Zen
Carve out sacred time to fully unplug and engage in the moment. Whether you attend worship services, chant, meditate, or just lie back and listen to the sound of ocean waves—do something that sets time apart from the rush of your everyday schedule. Research shows that a retreat of just 5 to 10 minutes can have a restorative effect on body, mind and spirit.

Let Go
Gandhi summed up the secret of life in three words, “Renounce and enjoy!” Translation: To be truly happy, we must let go of our appetite for things we think we need—the latest tech toy or the season’s “it” bag—and instead focus on accepting and appreciating the value of what’s already around us. The key is to recognize that you don’t need anyone else’s approval—that you, alone, are the judge of your worth. Your new mantra: “I have what I need.”

Play Tourist
Travel makes us happy, according to a recent Chinese study. On a basic level, it’s thrilling to see majestic waterfalls, sample Tibetan momos and meet colorful locals. But a new environment can also allow us to step outside our well-worn daily path and explore who we truly are on a heart level, when concerns like security and status naturally fall away. You don’t have to visit the banks of India’s holy river Ganges, either. You can find yourself anywhere—as long as you’re open to new experiences.