When you’re happy you radiate confidence and style. Most people wish they could rock even just a piece of your awesomeness! Here’s how to keep smiling—and keep inspiring.

Find Beauty
The most exciting curated destination? Your Happy Board. Go into creative overdrive collecting images that bring you joy and spark new ideas. Fill a jumbo bulletin board with clippings of vintage fashion icons, agate accessories, pastel macaroons, the perfect bombé art chest, street snaps from Paris Couture Week—or whatever is having a moment for you.

Log In
Happiness can spread from person to person in a chain reaction through social networks, say psychologists at Harvard Medical School. Not only that, but people with more connections seem generally happier. To “catch happiness” from friends, post a cheerful snap on Facebook, Instagram or the social app of your choice, and delight in the “likes.”

Plot Your Escape
Planning a vacation—to the African savanna or a quaint B&B—can spike your happiness, and the buzz of anticipation lasts up to eight weeks, say researchers from the Netherlands. Bonus happy points if your itinerary includes spending time in nature. A ton of evidence shows that forests and other green scenery can reduce stress, improve mood, and increase overall happiness. Visit EcoAdventures.com for trip ideas.

Rose-Tint Your World
It’s not surprising that optimists are healthier and happier than their pessimistic cousins, but what does being an optimist entail exactly? Psychologist Martin Seligman, father of the Positive Psychology movement, says that optimists believe setbacks are temporary and not their fault. And where pessimists see catastrophe, optimists see a challenge and actually try harder. To quote Project Runway mentor and resident optimist Tim Gunn: Make it work!