Real life is not just fairytale or a bed of roses. In real life, there are no Sleeping beauty romances and one true love kiss. There is no Romeo and Juliet and no Beast turning into a prince charming and no matter how much we talk about love there’s always a person who will be loved and will not be loved.

So I wrote this article from my very own experience to help you move on from someone who doesn’t love you.

* Give yourself a break – Always think that you deserve it more than anyone else. I mean give yourself time and space to move on, heal and even appreciate yourself.

Acknowledge the pain and realize that he/she doesn’t love you anymore.

Acceptance is always the hardest part of moving on but it’s the first step to healing and the first step for a new door to open that will guide you to a better person and better experiences.

Realize that you both have your own lives to live.

Having been with that person for a long time would maybe change the sense of your individuality and dependency. Maybe you started to realize that you can’t live without them, and that’s the reason why moving on is pretty hard.

Burn bridges and erase all the memories of that person.

You might think that it’s cruel, selfish and unkind, but it is not. It is part of giving yourself space, burning all ways of communication from that person will give you space and a little time to think.

* Talk it out with someone – Make sure you talk to someone who understands you, you’re comfortable with, a person who says “NO” if you want to be with the person who doesn’t love and lastly a person who is strong to carry you when your falling. My personal choice is with my Mom.

* Make yourself your first priority – Focus on what you can do and what you need to do to make yourself better. Do some workout, meditation or things that you deprived yourself when you are with him/her like doing a haircut or get a brand new look.

Do something different to off-put yourself.

It’s hard to forget memories that you cherished with that person, but it is advisable that every time those memories come to the surface, try to do something different and new that will distract you.

Always remember your worth.

The best way to surpass rejection faster is making a list of the good traits about you. Write down every good thing about yourself.

Like “I might not be awesome as Superman, but I can sing like Beyoncé and I love myself for that.” You can also ask a friend for help. Self-respect is to love “you.” If you don’t value yourself, no one else will. Stop thinking you’re not worthy to be loved. Everyone deserves to be loved.

It can be doing another project or engaging in activities like watching movies, listening to new songs, reading a book or having conversations with friends.

* Accept, Move on and Fall back in love – I know moving on is not an easy process and it takes time, but someday you’ll realize that being rejected by someone is normal, rejection is a part of life and it will happen from time to time, It is always up to you to keep searching within you and never be discouraged from living your life to it’s fullest. Just keep moving on because there’s always someone who will appreciate you and if that happens don’t be afraid to fall in love again, because falling in love is the happiest moment in life.


Love and relationship is a mix of thorns and roses. Letting go of someone dear to our heart can be agonizing.

The pain we feel can undoubtedly leave scars in our heart forever, but take this rejection as a learning experience. It might take time, but you need to have the attitude to carry on when people you trust hurt you.