“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” -Immanuel Kant

Intellectuals enjoy the life of the mind more than anything else. It is easier for an Intellectual to be more rational than the rest of us because they typically prioritize thought over emotional impulses and physical pleasures. Because they are driven by a quest for knowledge, these Scientists, Scholars, Students, Philosophers, and Geeks in various mind-oriented fields, preoccupy themselves with endless questions and tend to rely on outside information generated by experts over gut instincts and spontaneous reactions.

There is no other group that cares more about meaning and in particular the “why” of things than Intellectuals. Because they depend more on rational approaches than instinctual ones, they can be slow and measured in responding to pressing questions. But because they take things seriously in a world prone to snap judgments and punditry, it means their answers have weight and substance.

The Philosopher

Philosophers are methodical in both thought and action and their measured approach and awareness of big-pictures issues can offer a useful perspective.

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The Scholar/Student

Scholars and students bring a lively curiosity with them wherever they go.

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The Judge

Judges are great listeners. Ethics and morals are their strong suits as well, and because of their adherence to the highest internal codes, they can offer more answers than most, seeing clearer solutions when others cannot.

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The Geek

Geeks and nerds are true to themselves, and because of this they can be inspiring as friends who don’t judge books by their covers or people by their shoes.

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The Scientist

Scientists are able to keep several ideas in their heads at the same time. They are as happy listening as talking and are always up for an intelligent conversation.

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The Know-It-All

People who live to think and acquire as much as many facts as possible can become Know-It-Alls.

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The Liar

When individuals whose stock and trade is their wisdom and knowledge cannot deliver the goods, they resort to fabrication, hiding behind their authority.

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The Misanthrope

While many Intellectuals are humanists, drawing information from all kinds of people and delighting in imparting wisdom to just as many, some are misanthropic.

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