The Activist

Do you believe you’re personally responsible for what happens on a global level during your time on earth? Do you feel you’re somehow connected to others, even those very far away or very different from you? Are you compelled to defend the defenseless, speak for those who don’t have a voice and act on behalf of those who can’t? Then you are most certainly an Activist.

The Hippie

Are you passionately against war and violence, even though fighting for peace makes no sense? Do you believe in love without limits? Have you ever participated in a drum circle? How do you feel about incense, rainbows, and paisley? If the answer to that last one is, “Far out,” then hello there, Hippie!

The Procastinator

Have you ever “pulled an all-nighter” to complete a science project, book report, or the like? Do you get caught up on whimsical tangents while ignoring important tasks? Do you do believe that you do your best work when there’s a deadline, and that deadline was yesterday? Then you might be a Procrastinator.

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The Vegan

Do you care where the food you eat comes from? Do you read labels and strive for the healthiest options available? How do you feel about processed foods…pretty gross, right? Does it bum you out that animals have to suffer for people to enjoy meat, fish, and dairy? Have you ever rescued a snail? Hello, Vegan!

The Stoner

Do you get high? Would you rather be stoned at home watching Teletubbies than out doing things with friends? Is chillin’ an art form that you’ve mastered and taken to epic levels? Do you ever get the feeling that life is passing you by while you tear through potato chip bags because you have the munchies? Then, hello, you’re a Stoner.

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The Tree Hugger

Are you enthralled by nature? Do you feel most at peace in places where the electric hubbub of city life is far, far away? Do you believe that when you appreciate a tree, that you absorb a bit of its life energy? Tell the truth: Have you ever actually hugged a tree? If you answered yes, of course, you are a Tree Hugger!

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The Slacker

Drink milk straight from the carton? Instead of running around at some lame job, do you believe firmly in preserving your energy to play video games? Do you ever get so lazy that you wish it were possible for someone else to go to the bathroom for you?