The Artist

Full of ideas? Are ordinary methods of communication too limiting for all that you want to express? Do colors speak to you in a language all their own? Does making something from nothing give you a thrill?

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The Musician

Do you feel most at peace with the world when you’re singing or playing an instrument? Do you keep a running list of songs and artists you love? Do you remember when and where you were the exact moment you heard your favorite artist for the first time? Do you think it’s fun to experiment with sound?

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The Techie

Do you love seeing people entertained and being part of the excitement? Is the idea of building an alternate world where you have control over the things that happen very appealing to you? Do you like hands-on work and seeing things come together mechanically? Are you good at making things look, sound, and happen a with a particular aesthetic? How do you feel about being behind the scenes? If you’re good at it, you just might be a Techie.

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The Perfectionist

Does it have to be “just so” or it’s not good enough? Will you knock yourself out to get it “just so,” and knock everyone else out too, if that’s what it takes? Can you rant like you’re insane when things don’t meet your specifications? Tell the truth: Are people who can’t seem to do anything right (a.k.a. those idiots) the bane of your existence?

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The Copycat

Do you envy the creative ideas of others and doubt whether you can come up with any ideas on your own? Do you believe that results are what matter, not the process? Do you like short cuts? Copyright infringements? Ever slap your name on a term paper you bought online? Ah-hem…Copycat!

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The Con Artist

Do you like to feel you have an edge on so-called normal people? Have you noticed that you’ve a penchant for thievery, swindling, and fooling others? Do you see people as “marks” who want to be duped? Does “pulling one over” on people give you an adrenaline rush? Then, hello, Con Artist!

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The Starving Artist

Do you feel tortured by your own talent? Do you happen to be in love with a medium of art that appeals to only a few? Do you hate to compromise and feel like if you’re not doing exactly what you want to be doing at any given minute that you are wasting your life? Do you think that a lot of popular artists are “sell-outs?” Are you and your stomach always grumbling?

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