The Explorer

Do you look to the distant horizon, wonder what’s out there, and then find that wondering isn’t enough? Do you feel driven to go find out, obtain proof, and see and touch different realities for yourself? Ever dream of being an astronaut, living in another country, or finding a lost island? Then, hello, Explorer.

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The Indie

Bored by conventional thinking? Do you do it your way or not at all? Do you tend to hate things everyone else loves? Do you explore minutiae of art and culture and then share your findings? And how about your favorite band — has anyone else ever heard of them? No? Then, hello, Indie!

The Dreamer

Can you see what others can’t? Do you sometimes feel like you live in your own ethereal world? Can you easily conjure stories about why things are the way they are and/or what will happen in the future? Are your favorite words, “What if…?” Then you might say, you’re a Dreamer.

The Loner

Party of one and like it that way? In your estimation, does going solo equal freedom? Does it drain you to deal with people? Do you have many interests you like to pursue in solitude? How much do you think about what others think about you? Not much at all? Well, hello, Loner!

The Misfit

Do sense that you’re different from other people? Do you have special needs and special gifts, too? Do you sometimes wonder where the other people like you are? Try as you might, do you find that it’s impossible to fit in? Then you must be a Misfit.