The Intellectual

Do you think in depth? Abstractly? Philosophically? Does your “life of the mind” rival your life of the life? Do you love to discus topics, get into the finer points and hash out all related ideas while you’re at it? And how do you feel about reading?  Which is better: a good book or a mediocre date? If you chose the book, hello, Intellectual.

The Overachiever

Do you feel driven to exceed expectations and go above and beyond what is asked of you? Do you fear mediocrity and always go the extra mile to ensure you don’t get lumped in with the average folks? Do you want to be known as the best of the best with the most of the most? How do you feel about gold stars? If you crave the validation of high praise, you might be an Overachiever.

The Geek

Do you take pleasure in puzzles, especially if they involve technical intricacies? Do you passionately get “into” things that others don’t seem to appreciate? When you love something (a game, comic book, Star Trek, whatever), do you need to know everything, even the finest details? Have you ever experienced the nirvana that is Comicon? Then, hello, Geek.

The Judger

Do you make decisions based on your personal preferences instead of what would be good or fair for all? Do you ignore facts if they are inconvenient to you? Do you think you’re right, your methods are superior and your religion makes you better than the others on the planet? Do you like to put people down because it makes you feel powerful, like a god? Hello, Judger.

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The Nerd

Got brains and aren’t afraid to use them? Do you rock academically, especially in math and science? Wear glasses because they improve your vision, not because they make a hipster fashion statement? How do you feel about Star Wars? If your opinions on the matter are too vast to express in a 2,000 word essay, then, hello, Nerd!

The Know-It-All

Do you regard your brain as a gift to the world? Do you have opinions on everything, regardless of how well-versed you are on the subject? Do you think you’re helping people out by expressing that opinion even if they didn’t ask you? If your favorite is phrase, “I told you so…” you may be the Know-It-All.

The Cheater

Is the idea of beating the system thrilling to you, and do you think that everyone who isn’t you is part of said “system?” Are you sneaky? Irresistibly drawn to shortcuts that others don’t even see? How do you feel about stealing? Do you somehow find a way not to care about those who are hurt or inconvenienced by your actions? Then, hello, Cheater!

The Failure

Do you try for insanely ambitious goals instead of taking the next small step in the right direction? Do you get depressed or ill if you have to work at something unpleasant? Do you give up when things get hard? Do you blame the stars, the teacher. or you mom? If you refuse to take responsibility for your own destiny, then you very well may be a Failure.