The Actor

Do you love movies and wish that real life were more like them? Is people-watching one of your favorite pastimes? Do you notice the gestures, expressions, and micro-expressions of people you meet? Do you wonder what it would be like to be a spy, teacher, doctor, monster, dancer, fireman, boxer, gambler, and more…if only for a short time?  If so, hello, Actor.

The Entertainer

In love with the spotlight? And does the spotlight always seem to find you?Enthralled with the idea of an attentive audience?  Do you feel like you were meant for the red carpet? Is Halloween one of your favorite holidays? Tell the truth: Do you own a feather boa, an eye patch, or a top hat? If so, you can count yourself in the delightful realm of the Entertainer.

The Gossip

Got hot news? Like, all the time? Does it involve scandal, dirt, and slander? Do you think it’s your job to spread it to the whole word? Truth time: are you just always, always on your phone? You may be a Gossip.

The Mythomaniac

Is real life dull and in need of embellishment? Do you fix that by making things up? Do you blur the line between truth and fiction so often and effectively that you start to forget which is which? Ever fib that you were related to someone famous or that you did something heroic, like save a bag of drowning kittens? Then check yourself: you could be the Mythomaniac.

The Great Pretender

Do you feel an intense drive to impress others? Do you have an insatiable longing for validation? Do you find that sometimes it’s easier to fulfill the role that people want you to be instead of just doing you? Then you just might be the Great Pretender.

The Goof

Do you sometimes feel challenged by the physical world that other people move so effortlessly through? Ever walk into a closed sliding glass door? Do regular cups seem like dribble cups in your hands? Or maybe you just make it seem that way for comic effect. Is slapstick humor kind of your thing? Then maybe you’re a Goof.

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The Prankster

Are you a practical joker? Are Sharpie markers, shaving cream, hot sauce, and toilet paper a regular on your grocery list? Do you get a charge from all the attention you get while pulling off a bit of mischief? Does it make you feel big to be in control of the prank and one-up on everyone? Then, hello, Prankster.

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