The Queen Bee/King He

Do you socially rule the school? Do you think it’s your job to show everyone who’s cool and who’s not? Are superficial factors more important than character to you? Do you feel pretty powerful, even though you’re secretly afraid that at any moment someone could steal that power away from you?  Then you just may be the Queen Bee or King He.

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The Class Leader

Do you get the feeling that others look up to you as a role model? Does it pain you to see groups of people with no direction? Do you love to be in charge of projects and does it thrill you see a plan come together? Do you take school pride seriously and think it’s your responsibility to “represent?” Then you just may be the Class Leader.

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The Prince/Princess

Were you born into privilege? Do people seem to pay more attention to your life than the lives of others because of your parentage? Do you sense that you have the power to help or hurt people by simply making a decree? Are you expected to behave in a certain way because of who you are and where you fit into society. Then, hello, your Royal grace!

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The Diva

Got presence? Does everyone around you respect your talent and treat you specially because of it? Are you a leading lady in everything you do? Do you have your own distinct, inimitable style? Then, hello, Diva!

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The Brat

Have trouble sharing? Are you always right, even when you’re wrong? Do you want what you want when you want it? Do you get angry and petulant if you don’t get it? Must everyone else work around your needs and desires? If you think the world owes it to you, then hello Brat!

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The Destroyer

Do you love war games? Will you try to win at any cost? Have you experienced blood lust first hand? Do you think that it’s ok to hurt others for the sake of sport or fun? Does watching destruction – or better yet, causing it – give you a sick thrill? Then, hello, Destroyer.

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The Vampire

Do you often feel tired and bored? Does life seem to require way more energy than you can muster? Do sometimes feel that you need the energy of others to survive? Do you feel like part of you is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the opportunity to feast on people’s attention? Then, hello, Vampire!

The Whore

Will you do anything for a buck? What about things that are undignified, dangerous, or just plain icky: if someone pays you enough, will you do them anyway? And if the job goes against your moral code, what then? If you’re willing to negotiate your soul for the right price, you very well may be the Whore.

The Greenvy

Afraid there’s not enough to go around? Do you pretty much hate anyone who has it better than you? Do you grab and hoard to make sure you get your fair share – and by fair you mean more than everyone else? Then, hello, Greenvy!