The Mystic

Do you do as you feel? Are you divinely guided? Are you living an intuitive lifestyle, responding to the higher calling of the moment? Can you separate from your ego and self to rise above the business of this earthly plane and see things from a vantage of complete objectivity? When you express yourself, does it seem to resonate with others in some mysterious way? Then, hello, Mystic!

The Believer

Are you devout? Do regularly share your faith with others because it’s your favorite thing to talk about? Do you have rituals around your belief system and does participating in them give you a spiritual high? Do you wish everyone could experience the profound connection you feel with your higher power? Then, hello, Believer!

The Angel

Do you possess an uncanny knack for showing up at the moment when others are in peril and in need of saving? Do people ever remark about your aura or tell you that you glow? Are you more spiritual than most people you know and do you believe that you were born to do good in the world? How do you feel about harp music?

The Free Spirit

Are you a non-conformist with your own unique vision of the world? Do you fall in love with impractical things, believe in the improbable, pursue the impossible, and find beauty where others can’t see it? When you see a sprinkler on a hot day, do you just have to run through it regardless of what you’re wearing? If the answer is “yes,” then, hello, Free Spirit!

The Innocent

Naïve much? Are you super-sweet and fresh on the scene? Is your mind the purest place on earth? When you gaze into people’s eyes and blink, do they seem to melt a bit, arms and heart outstretched? If you could fit the dirty words you know on a postage stamp, then, hello, Innocent!

The Psychic

Do you have a relationship with a world that others cannot see? Do you experience time differently from the way others seem to? What about people? Do you know things about them without having a clue as to why or how you would know them? Then, hello, Psychic.

The Martyr

Is “all in” kind of your style? Do you give everything you have to your peeps? Is the pain and agony worth it because it’s for them? Are you willing to die, either literally or figuratively, to advance your cause? Maybe you secretly (or not-so secretly) like to suffer…but it’s all for them, isn’t it? Never mind that they may or may not deserve it. And if that’s your inner dialogue in a nutshell, then, hello, Martyr!

The Devil

Are you cunning, diabolical, or just plain evil? Do you like tricking people by cleverly letting them think they’ve won? Do you enjoy taking advantage of people’s greed? Do you encourage others to eat things like forbidden fruit? Then, hello, Devil.