The Trendsetter

Are you so in-the-moment that you’re actually in the future? Do you feel all tingly and electric when you see the next cool thing? Do you have to be the first to have it? Are people constantly asking you what to buy, do, eat, wear, and listen to? Then, hello, Trendsetter!

The Gentleman

Are you always coming from a place of good will? Do you do your best to rise to the moment, especially if the moment calls for more-than-average self-control, a high level of personal responsibility and a humble spirit? Do you do your best to help those weaker than you while regarding those who are richer and stronger with sincerity and straight-talk? How do you feel about your suit and tie? If you’re as comfortable in it as you are in your gym shorts, then, hello, Gentleman.

The Fashion Addict

Do you live for fashion and have the credit card bills to prove it? Do certain brand names make you salivate? Do you have to be the first one wearing the latest pieces from the newest lines? Let’s talk mirror time: how long does it take you to get dressed? If it’s upward of an hour, hello, Fashion Addict.

The Hipster

Have you ever worn a slouchy beanie when it’s 90 degrees out? Is it hard for you to imagine a world without skinny jeans? If prescription-less reading glasses make perfect sense to you and the sight of stretched earlobes leave you unperturbed, then, hello, Hipster!

The Metrosexual

Are you a man with the vanity of a woman? Does your image-consciousness lead you to ever-higher levels of grooming, like pedicures and man-scaping? Tell the truth: How many hair products do you use to achieve your best look? If you venture three items beyond shampoo and conditioner, then, hello, Metrosexual.

The Narcissist

Self-absorbed much? Easily bored and perpetually dissatisfied? If you’re so concerned with getting your overblown ego fed that you really can’t be bothered with thinking of anyone else’s needs, feelings, or experiences then…hello, Narcissist!

The Fake

Do you think two-faced people are underachievers, face-wise? Are the facets of your personality multiple and growing exponentially? Do you believe it really is possible to be all things to all people as long as some of the people’s backs are turned? Then, hello, Fake.

The Mean Girl

Does your stylist highlight your hair with cruel streaks? When someone is dressed all wrong or too right, is obviously awkward or stand-out pretty, displays weakness or threatens to get more attention than you, does it activate your attack mechanism? Then you just might be a Mean Girl.

The Poser

Is your personal style dictated by a lifestyle you don’t actually happen to have?  Do you imitate but never originate? Do you secretly (or not so secretly) wish you were someone else? Do you wear the thread without having the cred? Then, hello, Poser.