The much-talked about health benefits of dark chocolate means you can indulge guiltlessly in these eco-friendly treats:

Chocolate XOXOX

With a cute love poem on each wrapper, Chocolate XOXOX wants you to fall in love… well, mostly with their chocolate, but they probably wouldn’t be opposed to you spreading it ’round. With flavors ranging from Cherries & Almond (shown) to Coffee Crunch, you can find deliciousness with ethical practices as a treat for yourself or for your love, here.

Shaman Chocolates

Created by a Shaman, Healer and Ceremonial Leader in the tradition of an indigenous people of central Mexico (the Huichol Indians), SHAMAN Organic Chocolates are a delicious and naturally healthy way to support the spiritual and ethical plight to save the Hulchol Indians’ culture, ceremonies and artwork. The bars include smooth dark varieties as well as milk chocolate and two superfood choices: Dark Chocolate with Green Tea & Ginger and Dark Chocolate with Acai, Lemon and Orange.  

Vosges Super Dark Collection

This super trendy chocolate bar includes açai berry, golden berries and 72% cacao for the ultimate health-meets-chocolate, but you’re more into the haute Vosges name (you’ve probably popped a few of their truffles in the past). A favorite of editors and sophisticates alike, Vosges has carved a name for itself in the industry as a must-have, must-taste authority with both style and substance. This new Super Dark Collection does not fail to intrigue and delight.

Endangered Species Chocolate

As dedicated to the earth as you are, Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to partner organizations that support species conservation, habitat preservation and humanitarian efforts. They also are dedicated to taking care of their farmers and employees across the globe, but it might be the allure of their label that first sucks you in, Explorer. Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Newman’s Own Chocolate

Newman’s Own is one of those companies you can trust across the board, chocolate included. You can find out more about their organic, delicious, ethically traded treats here, as well as investigate Slave Free Chocolate here. Try the Mocha or Orange Dark, and you’re pretty much guaranteed sustainable bliss.


Seed and Bean

This organic company has a drop-down on their website just for you, Intellectual, that says “facts” so you can do a little research and find out all about the flavors, their origin, and the story behind the bars. While the company is steeped in amazing creativity, they harness their know-how and deliver it in a beautiful package that appeals to everybody. Delivery outside the UK does require some hoop-jumping, but it’s worth it (and you’ll figure it out).

Divine Chocolate

These beautiful chocolate bars are wrapped in present-ready paper, making them endlessly giftable (and enjoyable!). Plus, they have baking supplies and a slew of recipes – including indulgent, inventive cocktails – just waiting for your nimble hand, Creative. Buy online and treat yourself, your friends, your neighbors, your mom… anybody will love these!


Health by Chocolate

This chocolate is amazing! In addition to tasting yummy, these potent bars pack a punch – they support bone health with sea algae, calcium, minerals, vitamin D and natural vitamin K blend (“including K2 and FOS as calcium uptake boosters”). These low calorie smart-eats are perfect for the Athlete who has a strong chocoholic streak.


Using that rebellious nature for change, Sweetriot is a socially-conscious chocolate (and other sweets) company based in New York, whose motto is: “A sweetriot is a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding — it is the opposite of a civil riot, which is dangerous, violent, and oppressing.” We prefer the former as well, especially in the form of dark chocolate, cacao, trail mix, granola and even jelly beans.

Equal Exchange Chocolates

Equal Exchange Chocolates are part of this incredibly versatile company’s portfolio that includes SO MANY DIFFERENT ITEMS. We’re talking… coffee, honey, granola, fruit, and nuts, just to start. The company is a worker–owned cooperative (established in 1986) that leads the Fair Trade movement by empowering farmers and consumers to effectively serve their vision for a more equitable, democratic, and sustainable world. Oh yeah, and it’s all delicious.

Kingdom Chocolate

British chocolatiers Montezuma created Kingdom Chocolates as a fun alternative to their more serious, luxury eponymous line. Think of it as the Prince Harry to Prince William, but in chocolate form. The flavors include Dark Chocolate & Orange Marmalade, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate & Cappuccino Coffee and Dark Chocolate Lemon & Lime, all sourced from ethical Ugandan chocolate via the Cocoa Development Project.

Green and Black’s Chocolate

Green and Black’s Chocolate is both innovative and super-chic, offering delicious, classic formulas like Spiced Chili, Ginger and Toffee, and is a hit across the board. Invented for serious chocolate-lovers, the duo behind the company actually aren’t named Green or Black – the husband and wife team Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley mimicked the brands they loved in their childhoods – Callard & Browser and Barker & Dobson. So, there actually is no Mr. Green or Mrs. Black, they chose the colors to symbolize their dedication to organic ingredients (green) and the deep intensity of the chocolate (black). Try it and you’ll be a quick convert.