At first I thought some of these products were a little crazy for a pet, but then I read that it’s actually a $40 billion dollar a year pet industry here in America. Who knew?

Litter Robot

A 24/7 self-cleaning litter box?! This is a total game changer. The only downside to having a cat is having to constantly scoop their smelly poop, but this “Robot” features a patented sifting process that’s automatically activated minutes after the cat leaves. The bottom drawer is lined with a regular kitchen trash bag for the easiest removal possible! That is worth every penny.

Buy Now: $340

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

You cat is no longer any ordinary cat, with the DJ Cat Scratching Pad they transform into an ultra famous and cool DJ Cat! Get this for the Performer in your life who loves their cat and wants them to headline the next gig!

Buy Now: $35

BuddyRest Majesty Bedstead Bed Frame

Is your pet so spoiled you refer to them as “Your Highness” (joking or otherwise)? Do they act regal? They should probably have a bed that’s as fancy as they are. At least as luxurious as yours is anyway. 

Buy Now: $150

Dog Treadmill

Veterinarians say obesity is the greatest health threat facing America’s pets, with at least a quarter of the population overweight (that compares with a 30 percent obesity rate in American adults). Keep your pet as healthy and fit as you are any time of the year with a dog treadmill!

Buy Now: $599

Humunga Lips

Tell me you can’t look at this picture without laughing. How funny would it be if your dog looked like this every day? Think of all the photo ops! It’s cherry scented and guaranteed to be hours of fun for you and your pooch since it’s a ball on the other end for them to play with.

Buy Now: $12

Wristlet Travel Water Bowl

Your dog gets thirsty on the go too! Since you can’t exactly give them their own waterbottle, it’s a nice thought to carry this travel water bowl with you that doubles as a cute little purse. 

Buy Now: $25

Bowser Beefy Brown Ale Beer

Your dog is always trying to get at your beer, which is not good for them at all, so spring for a little something special at your next party so he can get down too. This one is beef flavored and you can customize the label to put his face on it!

Buy Now: $20

The Joey Boot

Named after the designer’s dog Joey, the founders came up with the idea one winter when attempting to walk their pup down the icy street. Poor thing kept slipping and sliding, the salt was burning his paws and the ice was freezing them. Not to mention the muddy mess when they brought him back inside. Protect your pup’s paws from the elements!

Buy Now: $37

100% Natural Dog Shampoo Set

So many dog shampoo and conditioners are full of chemicals that irritate your poor puppy’s skin. This set is handmade, 100% natural and the lovely scents are derived entirely from essential oils that are dog/puppy safe, and chosen for their natural flea/tick repellent properties. Use the dry shampoo in between baths, and the liquid shampoo next time they get extra dirty!

Buy Now: $30

Babette Dog Leash

A leash that is attached to a bracelet for you ensures you and your pet are stylin’ wherever you go. The bracelet is adorned with charms thought to bring luck to the wearer, and the suede interior makes it oh so supple for you to wear while you and your pup can go out in style.

Buy Now: $140

St. Francis of Assisi “Protect My Pet” Collar Medallion

St. Francis of Assisi is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment. What better saint to pray to keep your pet safe? It can be inscribed on the back to include your pet’s name and number to call if they get lost. Although hopefully St. Francis will protect them from harm and running away!

Buy Now; $6

Doggie Diaper Bag

Just because you’re constantly traveling doesn’t mean you have to leave your pal behind! Pack their “Diaper Bag” because now they’re coming with you everywhere! Afterall, pets are the equivalent of children if you don’t have any, and you wouldn’t leave your child behind would you?

Buy Now: $50