You are into anything that involves music or dance. If you haven’t already heard about it – try Zumba! Nothing opens your creative channels faster than expressive dance to music. You may even sing while you are at it.



You need to move and be competitive, and denying yourself that only brings on some internal conflict. Try workouts that involves serious training with goals and metrics, since those parameters speak to you. Our recommendation? CrossFit.


kickboxing or martial arts

Your fiery streak needs anything that involves kicking, punching, or adrenaline rushes. You’d be stellar at kickboxing or martial arts. You have extreme energy that will needs to be channeled, so this might be the best medicine for those fits (and fists) of fury.


family walks

You like your fitness as a bit of therapy, i.e. a stress-reliever that makes you feel good about yourself. If you have kids, find an activity you can all do together, take family walks or tag along to the park and play with them. If you have a fur-baby, make sure you’re taking the pups on a walk or play with your cat. You’ll feel more connected as you get moving.


pilates or urban rebounding

The Visionary requires anything that is repetitive and engages both the mind and body. Taking up pilates or urban rebounding can help you get into gear. While you’re at work, switch out your regular chair for a balance ball chair, reportedly they help you achieve better posture and target your core abdominal muscles.


personal trainer

The Royal needs a personal trainer, not only for the motivation but also so he/she could have something to talk about at business lunches. Seriously, though, personal trainers nowadays are accessible to everyone from the wannabe-Royal to the high powered executive – and if you can’t bear working out in public yet, try theTracy Anderson Method at home.


pole dancing, ballroom dancing or even roller skating

You like to be fit for obvious reasons (all the world’s a stage and people are staring at you), but what really resonates with you is anything that gives you new skills that can be shown off. Try pole dancing, ballroom dancing or even roller skating (inspiration here).



Incorporate your mind, body and soul and you’ll be on the fast track to a healthy physique. The easy answer is yoga – it involves subtle to intense workouts and gets your breathing anchored while you flush out negative thoughts.


Bar methodBarry’s Bootcamp or a hardcore spin session

The Tastemaker wants the newest, most chic classes where they can show off their new athletic gear and also get in shape. It could be the bar methodBarry’s Bootcamp or a hardcore spin session, as long as it’s new, it speaks to the Tastemaker. Luckily, these classes are no joke and really pay off in terms of fitness as well as style.



The Explorer is easy – find anything outside that allows you to explore! Whether that’s hiking city streets orhiking actual mountains, get outside and get going. Your accidental workout may leave you sore, but you’ll feel great about it and will have a blast finding new trails, towns and sights. 


Anything outdoors.

The Advocate, much like the Explorer, wants anything outdoors. You too can get incidental exercise, however your need for nature is fierce. Avoid the cityscapes and hit the dirt. 


 Treadmill or elliptical

The Intellectual doesn’t like surprises – so stick to anything predictable like the treadmill or elliptical. You can browse through a magazine or lose yourself in your own thoughts (as an Intellectual, I find my best solutions come to me as I run it out on the treadmill). And if you get bored, try these tips to liven it up!