“I loved to make people laugh in high school, and then I found I love being on a stage in front of people.” -Steve Martin

If you know and love the thrill of getting a laugh or holding the attention of others, whether on a stage or at a dinner party, you are a Performer. Performers, both amateur and professional, don’t just see a fellow human being when they look at you. They see an audience.

Sometimes they attain an audience with talent and skill, as many musicians and actors do after years of training, which puts them in the category of virtuosic. Other times they can get attention with the right story, gimmick or joke. In every case, these are the people who make the world a more interesting and amusing place for the rest of us.

The Actor

Actors at their best are avid students of life, with an empathetic interest in others. They are typically dignified presences as well, and alluring in their mystique.

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The Entertainer

Often the life of the party, an Entertainer is also great to have around when you need a distraction or a pick-me-up.

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The Jokester

Jokesters are invaluable when things are tough. Their ability to get a laugh out of us in trying situations makes them as valuable as water at a time of drought.

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The Eccentric

Eccentricity is often associated with genius and heightened creativity and intellect.

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The Storyteller/Raconteur

Storytellers can upgrade the ambience of any gathering by stepping up to entertain those around them and give them something to talk about later.

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The Gossip

When you live to be interesting and you happen to be a natural Raconteur with an acerbic wit, then gossiping can grab the attention of a captive audience.

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The Pretender

Pretenders can get away with things until others around them start to see their dishonesty. Living on the surface of things can only go so far in terms of real human relationships.

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The Seducer

Rather than receive the feelings of those they love or listen to them, Seducers constantly look for ways to be of interest and to have the last word.

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