Most people go on vacation to relax. But not the people who attend Destino Retreats’ far-flung excursions, which are less like recess and more like boot camp.

Destino founder Ty Texidor is a CrossFit-certified trainer with a degree in sports medicine. Her partner, Tovah Renlich, runs the logistics. Together they organize five-day group excursions to the shores of Maui, the clear waters of Cabo, and the heights of Mammoth Mountain in California.

Sounds tranquil as all get-out, doesn’t it? Well, Destino sticks closely to its slogan: “If you think work is hard, you should try vacation.”

Days typically start with a paleo-appropriate breakfast, followed by an intense alfresco WOD (“Workout of the Day” in CrossFit lingo), after which the group heads to a local CrossFit outpost for yet more focused lifting, stretching, and bodyweight exercise. But it’s not all work all the time: Attendees are given a judicious amount of free time, and the opportunity to loosen up with a margarita or three after a long day of activity.

Even Athletes need their party time.

Next trip: Cabo, Mexico; November 14–18; $1,500–$2,000 (not including airfare); inquire at