“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” — David Bowie

Rebels are the mavericks, troublemakers, and hedonists who play by their own rules. They don’t have as much a sense of duty as a sense of outrage or a sense of serious fun.

And while their sense of obligation often seems to be to themselves, they can sometimes serve society by showing the rest of us how to break through boundaries of comportment whether in business, government, family life, or in matters of love. Rebels are fearless, in touch with their sexuality, and determined to be extraordinary. And regardless of their age, they are always youthful in spirit.

The Warrior

Warriors are brave and attractive people who are willing to put themselves on the line regardless of consequences.

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The Hedonist

Hedonists are wonderful hosts and guests. They bring added pleasure to any pleasurable occasion by noticing and appreciating the details and savoring each element.

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The Don Juan

Charming, fun, well-mannered, and sexually attentive, Don Juans make the game of seduction fun for women who have their own rich and romantic fantasy lives as well as self-confidence.

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The Femme Fatale

Femme Fatales embody female empowerment and are unafraid of their sensual and sexual sides. Their rebellious natures make them liberating presences and fun to be around.

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The Wild Man/Wild Woman

Wild men and wild women are the most outrageous of Rebels. These are the people who are in touch with the side of themselves that doesn’t want to settle or be forced into any box.

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The Criminal

Because Rebels by their nature push at boundaries, they can easily go too far and break the law.

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The Saboteur

Like their archetypal cousin, the Jokester, Rebels live to upend anything that smacks of banality or conservatism.

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The Fighter

Sometimes a Rebel becomes too aggressive in their various pursuits, and turns into a fighter who won’t back down and won’t stop arguing.

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