Hedonists live for pleasure and will pursue it with an almost spiritual zeal. They savor good wine and drink and get particular enjoyment out of eating good food. They are the people who savor a massage, a soak in a hot tub or nap by the fire. And when it comes to an appreciation of beauty, whether in the form of the human body or in design or art, they are the first to admit that it means the world to them.

In a workaholic society that has sprung from a Puritanical one, it’s easy to see how the Hedonist’s commitment to pleasure can be seen as an act of rebelliousness.

While not all Hedonists are indulgent, many are and famously so. Eve, who could not resist the apple, may have been the original. Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, was associated with as much destruction as pleasure in his ability to seduce upright people, women especially, into trance-like states of sensual pleasure-seeking. Charles Baudelaire and his circle smoked hashish and opium and drank absinthe in 19th century Paris to the point where it affected their health, as drug overdoses have afflicted actors, artists, writers, models and musicians for centuries. Successful musicians now prove their worth by demonstrating how many bottles of expensive Champagne they can consume at a nightclub.

Yet, who can deny the joy of stimulating all the senses so that they are fully alive? No wonder travel and food shows have become such popular as television staples as they indulge multiple senses and fantasies dominated by personalities like Guy Fieri, Mario Batali, and Anthony Bourdain.

Other Examples
Bacchus, Ozzy Osbourne, Liberace, Nikki Sixx, Hunter S. Thompson

Hedonists are wonderful hosts and guests. They bring added pleasure to any pleasurable occasion by noticing and appreciating the details and savoring each element.

Because they live for pleasure, they can be lazy and self-indulgent. They also can have problems with impulse control that result in substance abuse, obesity, and other addiction issues.

Cooking, entertaining, vintage wines, artisanal cheeses, local produce, and fine dining


“I finally figured out that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” -Rita Mae Brown

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