Anxious to prove your bad-ass-ness? Do you demonstrate what your fists can do to make sure won’t mess with you? Are blind fury, seeing red, and going ballistic part of your usual routine? Are you always ready to rumble?  Then hello Fighter!

Most people avoid conflict. The Fighter lives for it. This type will start the fight, fuel the fight, take on someone else’s fight, jump into random fights…For the Fighter, life provides endless opportunities for violence.

Breakthroughs in DNA studies suggest that the Fighter may have a genetic predisposition for fighting. Other scientific studies indicate that environmental components contributing to a lack of verbal skills and literacy play a big part in brain development as it relates to aggression. Common sense dictates that people who can talk it out are less likely to knock it out. 

Whatever the reason, the adrenaline rush that comes with fighting can be an  addictive chemical response that leads the fighter to seek an excuse to spar. Any excuse will do. It could be as big as, “His king killed my king.” or as small as, “She looked at me funny.” 

Fighter Superpowers

  • Massive chip on the shoulder
  • Mad temper
  • Turns violent on a dime
  • Doesn’t mind the sight of blood
  • Undeterred by pain, theirs or anyone else’s

A Happy Fighter
War, the boxing ring, a nightclub: the Fighter is in the right element everywhere there’s potential for a fight to break out. Maybe fighting doesn’t exactly equal happiness for the Fighter, but affirming dominance by winning brings a feeling of pride.

Famous Fighters
Chris Brown, Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, the cast of the Sopranos

Fighter Entourage
Unlike the Bully, the Fighter doesn’t need a particular Victim. This type prefers to prove dominance over a more-or-less equally matched opponent. Fighters prefer to hang out with the Rebel, Gangster, and Lawbreaker.

Fighter in Love
Those who love the Fighter often feel protected by this thuggish personality. The Fighter has no problem pummeling the enemy of his or her love and will look for reasons to pounce on anyone who threatens their relationship. But partners of Fighters beware. Sooner or later, the wrath of the Fighter will be turned on you. It’s just a matter of time.

Fighter Challenge
It’s not easy always having to be the top dog, the Alpha in control, the power in the room. And since every violent action is sure to bring an equal and opposite violent reaction (if not in the moment, then certainly later in the form of revenge or jail time), the Fighter is never at peace – exhausting!

How to Play It
If you know a Fighter, stay out of this person’s way. Offer nothing for the Fighter to fight against. Know that this type doesn’t need a logical reason to fly in your face. Anything can be a trigger: what you said, what you didn’t say, a mood, and so on. Just steer clear and make as little contact as possible with this volatile type. They will make life complicated and unpleasant, if not painful for you.

If you are a Fighter, you need to learn coping skills. Consider anger management or other therapies. Read; it will build your brain and give you more options for conflict resolution. Learn verbal negotiation tactics. Learn to calm yourself. Think of this tendency to fight as a sickness you need to heal. Life is hard enough without the added pressure of being at war with the world. Pick your battles. 

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