Afraid there’s not enough to go around? Do you pretty much hate anyone who has it better than you? Do you grab and hoard to make sure you get your fair share – and by fair you mean more than everyone else? Then, hello, Greenvy! 

Some scientists believe that a degree of envy can be a positive motivating force, boosting mental persistence. This is definitely not true of the all-consuming kind of envy that lives inside the Greenvy. This type is often overwhelmed by the need to accumulate the possessions, qualities, circumstances, and status that will prove superiority over everyone around. 

The Greenvy wants to wear the best brands, drive the hot car, and live in the biggest house. Not having what others have causes the Greenvy emotional pain. They become overwhelmed with the need to even the score. They will go to great lengths to possess what they envy. As for morality, what’s that? The Greenvy often can’t be bothered to do the right thing, especially if it’s inconvenient or requires hard work.

Greenvy Superpowers

  • Tallies up the score with lightening speed
  • Compares and contrasts with the greatest of ease
  • Crazy-competitive
  • Consumed with resentment for anyone who has more or better
  • Anger issues

A Happy Greenvy
Inspiring envy in others is a main goal of the Greenvy, and this one is strangely satisfied when causing others to feel the pangs of need and desire that are the Greenvy’s constant companions.

Famous Greenvys
Cain (the biblical murderer of his brother, Abel), The Evil Queen (Snow White’s stepmother), Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello

Greenvy Entourage
The Greenvy is especially envious of: the Prince, Princess, Angel, Actor, Entertainer, Musician, Rock Star, Athlete, Cheerleader, Genius, and Overachiever.

Greenvy in Love
The Greenvy is a partner-stealer who measures the value of relationships by the degree that they are socially revered. The Greenvy is especially comfortable with a trophy girlfriend or boyfriend: a delicious piece of arm candy by whom everyone will be impressed. The Greenvy is usually concerned with how hot and rich a person is and cares little about the qualities that endear healthy people to one another (for instance: kindness, humor, integrity…).

Greenvy Challenge
At the root of the Greenvy’s personality is an internal void. The Greenvy is constantly trying to fill the emptiness, but the efforts are in vain. All that is good and beautiful in the Greenvy’s world is discounted because the Greenvy is so busy looking out to assess and obsess over what others have. Meanwhile, the Greenvy is never, ever satisfied because satisfaction doesn’t come from having what you want, it comes from wanting what you have.

How to Play It
Envy is covered in most of the religions of the world. It’s one of the seven deadly sins in Catholicism, it’s considered disastrous in Hinduism, sick in Buddhism and impure in Islam. The each have a different way of putting it but it all boils down to: envy=bad.

If the envy of others is directed at you, know that you are dealing with a dangerous force and tread carefully. If you feel this tendency in yourself, fight it with all that’s good in you. You can start by counting your blessings and practicing gratitude. It also helps to mind your own business, quite literally. While climbing the mountain of success, don’t look sideways.

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