Were you born into privilege? Do people seem to pay more attention to your life than the lives of others because of your parentage? Do you sense that you have the power to help or hurt people by simply making a decree? Are you expected to behave in a certain way because of who you are and where you fit into society (hint: it’s somewhere near the tippy-top). Then, hello, your Royal grace! 

Since the dawn of humans, our kind has been organizing into hierarchies, so the Prince and Princess is among the oldest of Archetypes. Someone has to lead, and the offspring of that person gets special treatment. And even though most of the countries of the world these days are democracies, the fantasy of young Royals pervades culture on many levels, from Disney princesses to the endless fascination with the British Monarchy. Princess Kate can’t even take a dip in the swimming pool without making front page news.

As an archetype, the Royals aren’t necessarily titled individuals from noble lineage. They can come from any hierarchy. They are the sons and daughters of business titans, music moguls, and movie stars. They are also the children of the school principle, or your mom’s boss. They are the progeny of leaders.

Furthermore, some Princes and Princesses are self-appointed royals responding to an inherent need to be well taken care of. They feel special and therefore they are. They give themselves the title and the world quite often falls in line to treat them in the way they feel they deserve.

The life of a Prince or Princess is a glamorous fantasy for the common folk, who often don’t think about the drawbacks of this position.

Prince/Princess Superpowers

  • Position, rank, and privilege 
  • Lots of people to look out for them, from servants to kings 
  • Entre into exclusive arrangements
  • Knowledge of the finer things in life
  • Inherited power

A Happy Prince/Princess
Though it would seem that coronations, balls, and royal weddings represent the best of times for the royal born, the Prince and Princess are not necessarily happiest in those settings. Non-Royal Prince and Princesses find the same to be true of fancy parties, banquets, ceremonies, and the like. The assumption of the uninvited common folks that these exclusive events are fun will be challenged by the Royals who actually find them to be a quite a lot of work.

What the Royals often enjoy most is a relaxed setting where they are not expected to act in any particular way and can just do what comes naturally.

Famous Prince and Princesses
Princess Diana, Princess Kate and Prince William, Sasha and Malia Obama, Stella McCartney, Jaden and Willow Smith, Paris Hilton, Disney Princesses, Harry Potter

Royal Entourage
The Royal-born require a vast array of talents around them. They have special relationships with the Bodyguard and all who are in the Tastemaker family. They enjoy the Athlete, Artist, Musician, Entertainer, Actor, Activist, Class Leader, Psychic, Mystic, Intellectual, and more.

Prince and Princess in Love
Love is notoriously complicated for the Royal-borns who are sometimes not given the freedom to date whomever they wish. Princes and Princesses are classically entwined in arranged relationships. These arrangements may be spoken or more subtly manipulated but the effect is that the ties are intended to benefit the entire family. Their parents often feel that Royals belong with Royals, and they don’t want just any old commoner mixing with them.

A Prince finding love with a Cinderella type or a Princess who falls for a rascally low-born charmer is the stuff fairytales are made of.

Prince and Princess Challenge
The main life lessons of the Prince and Princess revolve around learning to manage power. Their decisions affect many. Though they may seem to be pampered and protected, their “subjects” gladly offer their services realizing that the royals have an important role and a good amount of pressure comes with all of their privilege.

How to Play It
The most beloved royals are gracious, kind, and fair. They represent their people respectably and make decisions that will keep the kingdom in tact. They act with honor and inspire pride of country. They are charitable. Think of Princess Diana’s help to fight stigmas of unpopular causes of her time such as AIDS, and Prince William’s devotion to the health of people and animals in Africa.

If you identify with this Archetype, recognize your power to do good in the world and act on your higher impulses.

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