This week Andrew Yang scours the couture collections for red carpet ready looks for our favorite celebrity archetypes. 

Lupita Nyong’o stunned the world this year in her gorgeous Cinderella chiffon at this year’s Oscars, and even though it was safe and beautiful– this actress has proven she has the chops to take on more avant-garde looks and not have them wear her. She would look stunning breaking down all the barriers in Hollywood in this melting metallic gown from Ulyana Sergeenko. 

Angelina is a woman of many archetypes but now that she’s done working her gothic glory in Maleficent promotions, we can probably expect to see her returning to a more elegant color palette of greys and nudes – she is after all, one of the biggest mamanistas of Hollywood – she’s sure to look effortless and chic in this beautiful cashmere number from Valentino. 

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate Royalista; she has expensive taste in all the right places and LIVES to be rocking gowns on the red carpet. Even though she’s a new mama, she isn’t cutting it short on the glam, and will be sure to ooze elegance in this cut away embroidered gorgeous gown from Zuhair Murad. 

Rihanna was a Rebelista from the minute she made her first video and walked her first red carpet. She’s sure to go wild over this gown from Atelier Versace, which manages to be sexy and stunning. I could easily see her pairing it with a pair of black leather fingerless gloves and a statement necklace. 

When we first saw Emma Watson onscreen as the quirky Hermione Granger, we probably would have never pegged her for the sharp fashionista she is today. From starring in Sofia Coppola films, to sitting on the front row of every major fashion show, Emma has what it takes to break past the image of an “it” girl and has proven her taste to sit high above the rest. Always on trend, I would love to see Emma glam it out on the red carpet in this floor length number from Zuhair Murad. Elegant, but irreverent with a touch of zebra stripe. 

Cate Blanchett is no stranger to the screen or stage and the roles she goes for are those of very strong, intense, passionate woman, all with an innate sense of smarts that translates in very major way. She’s also a whiz at pulling off some of the riskiest fashions – she would easily be able to pull off this button up Chanel number in a way that would read sexy and aggressively modern, always thinking outside the box. 

Gwenyth Paltrow is definitely the Athelista of the red carpet – fitness is a huge part of her celebrity ‘brand’ and she has helped her own trainer, Tracy Anderson, launch her own business. What better way to show off those arms and legs than in a black and white number from Alexander Vauthier, whose collection was filled with gowns short and long, and loads of separates?

Shailene Woodley’s ideas of minimalism and making your own toothpaste have been in the headlines as long as she has. She’s sure to love this gorgeous gown from Maison Martin Margiela; the whole collection was made using scraps and unused fabrics from previous seasons and sourced from vintage and thrift stores. Couture never looked this crafty, or this good for that matter! 

Jessica Simpson has long been vocal about her relationship with God and her evolving relationship with spirituality. She has grown up in front of the camera, and loves being comfortable in whatever clothes she’s in. I’m sure she’d love to go for this look from Vionnet – it hugs her curves yet looks effortlessly flowy. 

Katy Perry is the perfect fit for this stunning red gown from Zuhair Murad. It is retro, glamorous, and modern all at once, with just the right amount of showgirl. She’s well-known for wearing the loudest thing on her concert stages but being able to amp up the glamour for the red carpet is something this Starista also loves to do. 

Fan Bingbing is already a huge star in Asia, and she’s poised to be the first break out star from the far East, making appearances in several blockbusters that have come out this year. Her style is at once quirky and chameleonlike, and she loves taking risks. Something tells me she would be able to pull off this ombre Gianbattista Valli gorgeousness – turban, glasses and all, on any red carpet, all over the world. 

There’s not that many performers who would be comfortable wearing a high pile rug refashioned into a dress like this beauty from Viktor and Rolf but Lady Gaga is the perfect Artista to pull off something that daring on the red carpet. One part stunt, one part, beauty, and three parts art = perfection.